Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Story Yet Unwritten

A Story Yet Unwritten

As a human being each one of us is capable of telling a story but many of us didn't know the correct way to express it so some tales becomes private for our own hearts only. Sometimes it is better they remain that way with the person who have written it in his/her heart for the pain engulfed in it. Such stories are unwritten yet complete for his/her. This poem is reflecting that love story of an untold love.

Your glance has such an effect,
nomadic I became,
Like a story yet unwritten you connect,
difficult to overcome.

Despite having a clear view
of our lives together,
Still standing in queue
is my first love letter.

How to organize chapters of my life
and fill it with your presence,
What role you deserve? Friend, beloved or wife,
depends my life's essence.

Stuck in between from your silence,
the tale of our love,
Unable to gather my senses,
I am failing in love.

Words jumbled the day you left,
inked in heart forever,
Sweet little memories to bereft
yearning for you forever.

When pain increases you come again,
rewriting the incomplete fate.
Like a story yet unwritten to sustain
and make life complete. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Main Nahin Makhan Khayo

मैं नहीं माखन खायो। Main Nahin Makhan Khayo  - Dear Mother, I didn't eat the butter - Surdas

Surdas is a famous Braj language Indian poet of Bhakti movement. He was blind from birth yet his devotion to Lord Krishna is visible from the imagery created by his poems in praise of Krishna and Radha. On the occasion of birth anniversary of Lord Krishna i.e Krishna Janamashtami (25th August 2016), I am presenting here one of Surdas's famous couplet with translation 'Main Nahin Makhan Khayo' describing the mischievousness of Bal Krishna (Young Krishna). Happy Janmashtamai. For more on this couplet please visit : Surdas' Main Nahin Makhan Khayo 

मैय्या मोरी मैं नहीं माखन खायो।  
Maiyya Mori Main Nahin Makhan Khayo.

Dear Mother, I didn't eat the butter.

भोर भयो गैयन के पाछे, मधुवन मोहिं पठायो ।
चार पहर बंसीबट भटक्यो, साँझ परे घर आयो। 
Bhor Bhayo Gaiyyan Ke Peeche, Madhuvan Mohin Pathayo,
Char Pahar Basinbat Bhatkyo, Sanjh Pare Ghar Aayo.

I am looking after the cows in the Madhuban forest, since the morning
Whole day I was roaming, playing flute and returned only in the evening.

मैं बालक बहिंयन को छोटो, छींको किहि बिधि पायो ।
ग्वाल बाल सब बैर परे हैं, बरबस मुख लपटायो। 
Main Balak Bahiyan Ko Choto, Jhinkon Kihi Bidhi Payo,
Gwal Baal Sab Bair Pare Hain, Barbas Mukh Laptayo.

I am a child with small hands, how could I reach the butter pot up there,

My friends are jealous of me, they forcefully rubbed butter over my face here.

तू जननी मन की अति भोरी, इनके कहे पतिआयो ।
जिय तेरे कछु भेद उपजि है, जानि परायो जायो। 
Tu Janani Man Ki Ati Bhori, Inke Kahe Patiaayo,
Jiye Tere Kachu Bhed Upaji Hai, Jani Parayo Jayo,

Oh mother you're too innocent and believed these friends of mine easily,

Since I am not your real son,like outsider you are not taking me seriously.

यह लै अपनी लकुटि कमरिया, बहुतहिं नाच नचायो ।
'सूरदास' तब बिहँसि जसोदा, लै उर कंठ लगायो। 
Yeh Lo Apni Lakuti Kamariya, Bahutahin Naach Nachayo,
'Surdas' Tab Bihansin Jasoda, Lai Urr Kanth Lagayo.

Take your stick and blanket again to let me dance at your tune more,
Surdas saw Yashoda melting at that point,hugged him and showed love so pure.

This is the video of this Bhajan in Anup Jalota's voice :

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Two Minute Medley #3

Two Minute Medley #3

Indian Bloggers

Raksha Bandhan is round the corner and Independence Day has just passed. This post has some quick poetry in Hindi-English on both this occasions and on the Kashmir unrest. Hope you enjoy them all. Happy Independence Day. Happy Raksha Bandhan. 

आज़ाद एक वो दिन भी आएगा,
वो न मेरी जात-धर्म पूछेंगे,
तिरंगा उस दिन ही मुस्काएगा,
जब हम अपना नाम हिंद बोलेंगे।  
Aazad Ek Wo Din Bhi Aayega,
Wo Na Meri Jaat-Dharm Puchenge,
Tiranga Us Din Hi Muskaega,
Jab Hum Apna Naam Hind Bolenge.


Tie such a thread this year dear sisters,
which impart respect for every women,
Promise to protect each lady dear brothers,
molestation,abuse,rape not traits of real men.


Our heaven is burning like hell,
but in someone's praise we swell.
Why adding fuel to someone's fire,
when water of trust is what we desire.