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Woh Eid, Eid Na Hogi

वो ईद, ईद न होगी। (Woh Eid, Eid Na Hogi.)Covid Era is a different time and we are experiencing the things differently. Our lifestyles has changed, the way world behaving has changed and it has also changed the way Eid will be celebrated this year. The feast of fasting (Eid Ul Fitr) will not come with Feast,Fun, Sharing, Caring and meeting our loved ones. But we still make it happier by doing our part in helping the weaker sections of the society which we must do. As a writer and poet I have celebrated this by writing this poem which I am sharing here. Happy Eid.

जब तेरी दीद न होगी, फिर ईद, वो ईद न होगी।   Jab Teri Deed Na Hogi, Phir Eid, Eid Eid Na Hogi.
रात में तनहा चाँद का दीदार तो हो जाएगा, मुबारक़बाद देने को मगर मोहल्ला न चिल्लाएगा, चाँद रात पर जब ज़रूरी ख़रीद न होगी, फिर ईद, वो ईद न होगी।   Raat Mein Tanha Chand Ka Deedar To Ho Jaega, Mubarakbad Dene Ko Magar Mohalla Na Chillaega, Chand Raat Par Jab Zaroori Kharid Na Hogi,  Phir Eid, Woh Eid Na Hoga.
जल्दी उठकर सुबह तैयार हो जाएंगे, नए कपड़ों में…
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Ghar Wapsi (Reverse Migration)

घर वापसी (Ghar Wapsi) - Reverse Migration

Once village people migrated to big cities in search of food and work because industrialization created opportunity there and big poor families can't sustain on small lands. Many were those landless labors whose land was grabbed by government for some projects. They all migrated to cities and settled here in spite of  facing many hardships because they were earning more from what they can earn in there native villages. 
But the unplanned lockdown amid the fear of community transmission of Covid-19 or Corona virus Pandemic has started Reverse Migration.Many migrant labors become job less/work less after the lockdown was announced. Daily wagers, rickshaw pullers and even those working in ,ills and factories soon started feeling difficult to survive in cities as they were not getting any payment and food. The arrangements made by many state government were not reaching everybody and if reaching they were not satisfactory. We can't even i…

Kayamat Ka Manzar Kya Isse Kam Hoga?

क़यामत का मंज़र क्या इससे काम होगा ? (Kayamat Ka Manzar Kya Isse Kam Hoga?) - Will the day of apocalypse lesser than this? 
Isn't this line true? Deserted roads, separated from love ones, fearing to connect to dear ones also, losing humanity, etc. Are these not the sign of a doomsday. Such feelings emerged to me the day #Lockdown of 21 days was announced in India as the Coronavirus Pandemic spread increased in India. I am sharing this poem (ghazal) here today on 11th day of the lockdown. 

फ़ासला अपने दर्मियान कैसे ख़त्म होगा, क़यामत का मंज़र क्या इससे काम होगा।  Fasla Apne Darmiyan Kaise Khatam Hoga, Kayamat Ka Manzar Kya Isse Kam Hoga.
ज़िन्दगी थम सी गयी,दोस्ती जैम सी गयी, आँखों-आँखों में मुलाक़ात का कब तक सितम होगा।  क़यामत का मंज़र क्या इससे काम होगा।  Zindagi Tham Si Gayee,Dosti Jam Si Gayee, Aankhon-Aankhon Mein Mulaqat Ka Kab Tak Sitam Hoga. Kayamat Ka Manzar Kya Isse Kam Hoga.
अज़ीज़ सब पहलू में बैठे रहते थे, अपनों की झलक के लिए आज दिल नाम होगा।  Azeez Sab Pehlu Mein Baithe Rehte The, Apno Ki Jhala…

Hamra Gandhi Ke Goli Maral Ho

हमरा गाँधी के गोली मारल हो ! (Hamra Gandhi Ke Goli Maral Ho - You Have Shot My Gandhi) - Rasool Miyan Rasool Miyan an unknown Bhojpuri Folk Writer and Singer who was an ardent Gandhi follower and among the best example of India. He use to write about Ram, Krishna, Ganga with equal love as for other subjects. 'Ram Ka Sehra' one of his finest creation of Rasool Miyan is a sketch to beauty of Lord Ram. There are no written records about his writings. He used to maintain a diary which someone borrowed from his sons to never return. His sons, students, followers and other contemporary artist kept him alive by recalling his works. Subhash Chandra Kushwaha started collecting his work and folk singer Chandan Kumari has composed these songs to wider their reach. 
This particular song I heard on Prime Time with Ravish Kumar on NDTV.  Actually this was the first time I heard about Rasool Miyan and than I researched on him. Sharing this today has also become important because the hate an…

Zameen Pe Jannat

Zameen Pe Jannat - #SaveKashmir 

Some temporary sections of #Artcle370 revoked by central government and our relation with Jammu and Kashmir changed. I am not talking about the geographical changes of dividing it into two union territories but confining of Kashmiri people into their homes. More than 25 days has passed and Kashmir is under curfew without proper schooling, shops are shut, no internet,television, landline, newspaper,media reporting blockade any means of communication with mainland India is blocked. I am writing after a long gap and this issue has provoked me to pen this poem which I am sharing here. 

वो ज़मीन पे जन्नत जहाँ इंसान बास्ते हैं, अपनों की सुनने को आज जो आवाज़ तरसते हैं, सियासत की ज़ंजीरों में जकड़े हुए हैं, आँखों में आंसूं भी पकडे हुए हैं, रोकर भी अपने ग़म किसको दिखाएं, बंदूकों की दीवार के पीछे खड़े हैं।  Woh Zameen Pe Jannat Jahan Insaan Baste Hain, Apno Ki Sunne Ko Aaj Jo Aawaaz Taraste Hain, Siyasat Ki Zanjeeron Mein Jakde Hue Hain, Aankhon Mein Aansub Bhi Pakde Hue Hai…

Rango Ka Tyohar - Holi

रंगो का त्यौहार - होली ! Holi is celebrated as festival of communal harmony in which Muslim friends are also invited in 'Holi Milan Samarohs' (Holi festival gatherings) and all enjoyed collectively. The practice has not vanished but is limited to few people and in few areas from last four to five years when animosity among the communities has increased due to 'Us' vs 'Them' politics. In this poem I wish the festival of color and joy bring happiness to all equally again. Happy Holi.

रंगो का ये त्यौहार, इस बार, दुःख-दर्द सारे ले कर जाये, नफ़रतें जो बढ़ रही हैं, उन्हें मिटाए।  Rango Ka Ye Tyohar, Iss Baar, Dukh-Dard Sare Le Kar Jaye, Nafratein Jo Bad Rahi Hain, Unhe Mitaye.
गुंजियों की मिठास इस बार, करें चमतकार, देश के होते हुए भी जो हैं गद्दार, उनके सवालों के जवाब मिल जाएं, आये करार।  Gunjiyon Ki Mithas Iss Baar, Karein Chamatkaar, Desh Ke Hote Hue Bhi Jo Hain Gaddar, Unke Sawalon Ke Jawab Mil Jayein,  Aaye Karaar.
The Festival of color Holi, destroy all animosity, fill each heart with…

Two Minute Medley # 9

Two Minute Medley # 9 

शहीद जो शहीद नहीं कहलाते, मर जाते हैं यूँ ही आते-जाते, मौत पर उनकी शोक कौन मनाएगा, अभी चुनाव हैं , ताबूत भी वोट देकर जाएगा। 
Shahid Jo Shahid Nahin Kehlate, Mar Jaate Hain Yun Hi Aate-Jaate, Maut Par Unki Shok Kaun Manayega, Abhi Chunav Hain, Taboot Bhi Vote Dekar Jayega.

Makers Of The World Get Only One Day, For Me To Them Belongs Each Day.  #HappyWomensDay

रक्षा मंत्रालय में ही रक्षा में चूक हुई, जूते खाकर कहीं नेताओं में टूट-फूट हुई, भृष्टाचार को देश भक्ति से दबाया जाता है, अब सवाल पूछना नए भारत में गद्दारी कहलाता है। 
Raksha Mantralaya Mein Hi Raksha Mein Chook Hui, Jute Khakar Kahin Netaon Mein Toot-Foot Hui, Bhrastachaar Ko Desh Bhakti Se Dabaya Jata Hai,  Ab Sawal Poochna Naye Bharat Mein Gaddari Kehlata Hai.

Abuse, Thrash And Throw Them Out Of House,  How Kashmir Is An Integral Part & Kashmiris Are Terrorist Mouse.