Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain

आरज़ुएँ हज़ार रख़ते हैं ! ( Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain!) I Keep A Thousand Desire - Mir Taqi Mir

In this ghazal Mir Taqi 'Mir' expressing his desires as a young lover. It seems that he is not pointing towards a particular beloved but talking in general about girls of his age and his desire to love them. 
He keeps his heart restless for them and hope for a glance of love. He emphasis that he didn't want status of a friend but of a lover. He said that he is young and can influence to love. 

आरज़ुएँ हज़ार रख़ते हैं ,
तो भी हम दिल को मार रख़ते हैं। 
Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain,
To Bhi Hum Dil Ko Maar Rakhte Hain.

I keep a thousand desire,

yet I suppress my heart's fire.

बर्क़ कम-हौसला हैं हम भी तो,
दिल को बेक़रार रखते हैं। 
Bark Kam-Hausla Hain Hum Bhi To,
Dil Ko Bekaraar Rakhte Hain.

Like a lightening, I am unambitious,
thus keeping the heart impetuous.
ग़ैर ही मुरीद-ऐ-इनायत है,
हम भी तो तुमसे प्यार रखते हैं। 
Gair Hi Mureed-E-Inayat Hai,
Hum Bhi To Tumse Pyaar Rakhte Hain.

Only a stranger is liable of reward,
While I too love you die-hard. 

न निग़ाह ने पयाम ने वादा,
नाम को हम भी यार रखते हैं। 
Na Nigaah Ne Pyaam Ne Wada,
Naam Ko Hum Bhi Yaar Rakhte Hain.

Neither a glance,nor message,no promise,
For name, to me as a friend you keeps.

हम से ख़ुश-ज़मज़मा कहाँ यूँ तो,
लब-ओ-लहज़ा हज़ार रख़ते हैं। 
Hum Se Khush-Zamzama Kahan Yun To,
Lab-O-Lahza Hazaar Rakhte Hain.

Where is a happy song like me,

I have thousands style of accent in me.

चोट्टे दिल के हैं बुताँ मशहूर,
बस यही ऐतबार रखते हैं। 
Chotte Dil Ke Hain Butan Mashoor,
Bas Yahi Etbaar Rakhte Hain.

'Thieves of heart' beloved are famous,

that faith I only caress.

फिर भी करते हैं 'मीर' साहब इश्क़,
हैं जवां इख़्तियार रख़ते हैं। 
Phir Bhi Karte Hain 'Mir' Sahab Ishq,
Hain Jawan Ikhtiyaar Rakhte Hain.

Even then Mr. 'Mir' loves,

He is young, he influences.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


बौछारें ! ( Bocharain)

Bocharain means showers in English. This rainy season this word keep striking my mind which resulted in this ghazal. This ghazal has a duel character; it can be read as plea to beloved or also as plea to god. The third stanza has a touch of prayer to god. I hope you will enjoy reading this poem. 

इस तरह मेरे जीवन में तू आजा रे,
बंजर धरती को जैसे सवारें हैं बौछारें। 
Is Tarah Mere Jivan Mein Tu Aaja Re,
Banjar Dharti Ko Jaise Sawarein Hain Bocharain.

टुटा हूँ, बिखरा हूँ, उजड़ा-उजड़ा कतरा हूँ,
मेरी दुनिया बसा दे कर मोहब्बत की बौछारें। 
Tuta Hun, Bikhra Hun, Ujda-Ujda Katra Hun,
Meri Duniya Basa De Kar Mohabbat Ki Bocharain.

हर तरफ अँधेरा है, रौशनी खो गई है,
सुखी-तपती भूमि में हरयाली नहीं है,
हर रूह है प्यासी, तेरी इनायत जो नहीं है,
खुद तबाह हुए दुर्बलों को दे रहमत की बौछारें। 
Har Taraf Andhera Hai, Roshni Kho Gayi Hai,
Sukhi-Tapti Bhumi Mein Haryali Nahin Hai,
Har Ruh Hai Pyasi, Teri Inayat Jo Nahin Hai,
Khud Tabah Hue Durbalon Ko De Rehmat Ki Bocharain.

तन्हाई, रुस्वाई, तेरे बिन ज़िन्दगी में कमाई,
अब आकर दर्दों पर कर खुशियों की बौछारें। 
Tanhai, Ruswai, Tere Bin Zindagi Mein Kamai,
Ab Aakar Dardon Par Kar Khushiyon Ki Bocharain.

'सिफ़र' नहीं मिटता, उम्मीद - ऐ - आमादगी में,
राहत दिल को पहुंचा दे, कर प्यार की बौछारें।  
'Cifar' Nahin Mitta, Ummeed - e - Aamadgi Mein,
Rahat Dil Ko Pahuncha De, Kar Pyaar Ki Bocharain.

बौछारें ( Bocharain ) - Rain Showers ; बंजर ( Banjar ) - Barren ; सवारें ( Sawarein ) - To Decorate ; उजड़ा (Ujda) - Shattered ; कतरा ( Katra ) -  Particle ; इनायत ( Inayat ) - Blessings ;  रहमत ( Inayat ) - Mercy ; रुस्वाई ( Ruswai ) - Neglected ; आमादगी ( Aamadgi) - To Come ; राहत ( Rahat ) - Relief 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spirit of Eid

Spirit of Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr or 'Meethi Eid' as it is called in India is celebrated after completion of holy month of fasting i.e Ramzaan. This festival Eid is not just about celebration but about sharing happiness. The privileged Muslims are obliged to give 'Zakaat' (2.5% amount from total earnings which is given to poor and needy) and 'Fitra' (amount equal to 1.6kg wheat meant for poor and needy) to maintain the balance in society and need to take care that people around us should be happy. But this year Ramzaan became violent with deaths of innocents in terrorist attacks of Istanabul, Baghdad,Dhaka,Orlando and recently in Qatif and Madina of Saudi Arabia. Most died in these attacks are fasting Muslims which make it clear that terror sees no religion, neither it has any religion. Here I am sharing a poem emphasizing on real Spirit of Eid. May Eid brings happiness and peace to the world. Happy Eid. 

 A Ramzaan passed with scars,
of innocent deaths and situation like wars.

War on humanity where Satan ruled,
with veil of religion to us they fooled.

Spirit of Eid is happiness for all,
how it's possible with such humanity's fall.

A just society where happiness and pain are shared,
where each precious life is properly cared.

Your prayers are waste and futile,
If others around you are without a smile.

Spare few moments to remember all those who died,
before laughing wipe tears of all those who have cried.

When you raise your hands for Eid's prayer,
Ask HIM for peace, brotherhood and care.