जश्न (Jashn) - Celebration
रुख़्सत हुआ पुराना, नए का एहतिराम कीजिये, बीती बातें भूल अब, नए ख्यालों का इंतज़ार कीजिये।  Ruksat Hua Purana, Naye Ka Ehtaram Kijiye, Beeti Batein Bhool Ab, Naye Khyalon Ka Intezar Kijiye.
कुछ बीझडे, कुछ मिले, अपने-पराए हुए भी होंगे, अब नई मुश्किलों से लड़ने को खुद को तैयार कीजिये।  Kuch Bichde, Kuch Mile, Apne Paraye Hue Bhi Honge, Ab Nayi Mushkilon Se Ladne Ko Khud Ko Tayyar Kijiye.
हर साल की यह रस्म निभानी ही चाहिए, जश्न-ए-नया साल खुशियों से मनाइये।  Har Saal Ki Yeh Rasm Nibhani Hi Chahiye, Jasn-e-Naya Saal Khushiyon Se Manaiye. 
रुख़्सत(Rukhsat) - Departure ; एहतिराम(Ehtiraam) - Respect ; रस्म (Rasm) - Tradition 

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Since two months or more I haven't posted anything here because I am suffering from an ailment. It is not that I was always not able to write but I didn't feel to write but what a better day than Christmas for a comeback. I am posting a small Christmas poem for this festival i.e birthday of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas.

A Christmas Carol with his ghosts of past,present and future wants to say leave greed,hatred,selfishness,meanness and happily stay that's what Christmas also reminds us each year, make good each day. 

Two Minute Medley # 8

Two Minute Medley # 8 
Dr S. Radhakrishnan's birthday is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. Happy Teachers Day and also festivals who went away giving happiness in our life. Happy Raksha Bandhan and Happy Janmashtami. 

Sit, stand, read and write, efforts to make our future bright. Every lesson we learn in life, reminds someone who to teach us strife.

मोहब्बत की अगर कोई मिसाल होती, बहन-भाई रिश्ते में वो शुमार होती। 
Mohabbat Ki Agar Koi Misaal Hoti, Behen-Bhai Ke Rishte Mein Wo Shumaar Hoti
*मिसाल - Example,  शुमार - Included

To spread the love, to spread the order, he come on earth to destroy hate's border.

Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and Care

Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and Care
This festival's actual motive is to recreate Abraham's act of readiness to sacrifice his own son for Allah's command. This not shows Allah promote killing but shows Abraham and his son's trust in God that HE will not do bad to them. That's what exactly happen his son was replaced by an animal and since then it become a tradition among Muslims to replicate the act. It is advised that sacrifice should be perform with cleanliness and with not pomp & show. The meat obtained should be divided in three parts out of which only one part is kept for self and other two are distributed among poor,needy and neighbors,friends respectively. I have written a poem to depict this message of the festival. Happy Eid-ul-Zuha. 

A tradition started,
not because sacrifice was the command,
submission and trust was the God's demand.

Festivity lies abated,
if the animal's meat eating is your celebration,
to share with poor and needy is the intention.

It is…

Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein

क्या खोया क्या पाया जग में ! (Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein) What Has Lost and Earned In The World - Atal Bihari Vajpayee Apart from great orator, a statesman and a gentleman former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also a great poet. He died on 16th August 2018 in AIIMS Hospital , Delhi. His 'kavita' shows his philosophies, courage and determinations. In this poem he was valuing his life by calculating what he has lost and earned in the journey. I have tried to translate it there so that it can reach a wider audience. We all pray for him to get the best place in heaven. RIP Bharat RatnaAtal Bihari Vajpayee. 

क्या खोया क्या पाया जग में, मिलते और बिछड़ते मग में, मुझे किसी से नहीं शिक़ायत, यद्द्पि छला गया पग पग में।  Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein Milte Aur Bichadte Mag Mein Mujhe Kisi Se Nahin Shikayat Yadyapi Chal Gaya Pag Pag Mein.
What has lost and earned in the world,
in unification and separation of the world,
I haven't any complaint to anybody,
even if cheated at every step I…

We All Are One

We All Are One We all are one. This thought needs to be glorified now than any other time in the history of India. Never ever in any circumstances 'Muslims' were told to Go To Pakistan. Never Christians were reminded that they follow a foreign religion and funded by them. Never Sikhs criticized for doing service to humanity because those they were serving belongs to a different religion. Never Hindus believed that 'They' are snatching opportunities from 'Them.' 
Such thoughts are disheartening and painful for a person like me who is grown up in a mix culture. So I decided to pen this poem and there is no better day to share it than on the occasion of Independence Day. Enjoy the poem. Happy Independence Day. 

Turban,tilak,locket of cross, skullcap,
between us they don't create any gap.
Difference exists in the thinking of few,
who restricts to become an India new.

In all the years of pain and glory,
we all are the part of the story.
None can achieve success…

Shayari # 25 - Friendship Day

शायरी # 25 (Shayari # 25) Couplet on Friendship Day

पहले मुलाकात हुई, फिर दिल मिले, फिर करार मिला,  रिश्ते सब मुकम्मल तभी हुए जब सच्चा यार मिला।  - सिफ़र 
Pehle Mulaqat Hue, Phir Dil Mile, Phir Karaar Mila, Rishte Sab Mukammal Tabhi Hue Jab Sachcha Yaar Mila. - Cifar 
We met, our hearts met, we attain tranquility, relationships got completed only with true friend's proximity.