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Raham Karo Suraj Dada

रहम करो सूरज दादा !( Raham Karo Suraj Dada) Heat waves during Indian Summer ( Lu as it is called in northern India )  is not a new phenomenon but its severity increased this year (2015) in southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to humidity in that region. Because of humidity sweat don't dry easily thus inhibiting the cooling mechanism of our body. More than 2000 people have died already and chances of more death can't be ruled out. We can only pray that Suraj Dada ( Sun God ) shower some mercy on us by reducing His intensity of anger. This poem in Hindi is pleading to him to have mercy in spite our mistakes of cutting down trees and increasing pollution. रहम करो सूरज दादा ! अपना गुस्सा करलो आधा।  सूखने लगी नदिया रानी, तड़पत हैं हम बिन पानी।  Raham karo suraj dada! Apna gussa karlo aadha. Sookhne lagi nadiya rani, Tadpat hain hum bin pani. माना पेड़ हमने काटे, सारे जंगल आपस में बाटे, प्रदूषित कर के जल-वायु, ख़तरे में डाली अपनी

Haiku : Floating

Haiku : Floating The Rohingya Muslim community of Burma is stranded in the sea after facing violence in their homeland Burma at the hands of Buddhist monks and military. Here is a set of haiku trying to explain the misery. Floating over sea  targeted by peace seekers, searching for the home ##### With no water-food desiring land below feet floating over sea  


तोहफ़ा (Tohfa) Tohfa is an Urdu word for gift. Arrival of his/her beloved's in his/her life is a gift from god for lovers. Since true love is hard to find, getting a gift in the form of true love is really precious. This Ghazal written by me is the expression of this feeling. Here lover is feeling gifted, flying in clouds for receiving love in return of love. He is confused about his actions and wants her to be in his life forever for which he is ready to change himself to suit her.  तेरी नज़रों में हुआ हूँ जो शामिल, तोहफा ज़िन्दगी को हो जैसे गया मिल।  Teri nazron mein hua hun jo shamil, Tohfa zindagi ko ho jaise gaya mil. मैं उड़ता ही जाऊं हवाओं में ऐसे, परिंदों से पर हो गए जैसे हासिल।  Mein udta hi jao hawaon mein aise, Parindon se par ho gaye jaise haasil. अब क्या सही? क्या ग़लत? मैं क्या जानूं , फ़र्क़ करना कितना हुआ है अब मुश्किल।  Ab kya sahi? Kya ghalat? Mein kya jaanu, Farq karna kitna hua hai ab mushkil.  सुहाने से दिन हों, हों रंग

Where The Mind Is Without Fear

Where The Mind Is Without Fear - Rabindranath Tagore This poem is written by Rabindranath Tagore when India was under the British Rule.  The original Bengali language poem ( Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo ) was published in 1910 and was included in the 1910 collection Gitanjali and, in Tagore's own translation, in the 1912 English edition of Gitanjali . It is a prayer to the Almighty for a hassle free nation free from any kind of manipulative or corrupted powers. But I am sorry to say that his prayer is still unheard. There is no equality, unity, strength and freedom which he was asking in this poem. We need to work hard to get that India of his and our dreams which along with our efforts needs blessing from almighty. So I am remembering this prayer of his with Hindi Translation by me. I am also sharing Bengali version copied from In the English version some lines are not used by the poet from original Bengali version my translation is based on the English version.

Forever Magician

This has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 54 ; the fifty-fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers;where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Forever Magician Mothers shower their unconditional love forever in our lives. Nothing is comparable to things a mother does for her child to grow and live a happy life. We complain when someone asked us to work for an hour more or to work on holidays but she relentlessly manage everything in our homes without asking anything in return. We are forever indebted to her for giving us this beautiful life. A poem dedicated to all mothers. Happy Mother's Day. You are a forever magician If not then how you manage monthly expenses in half the budget? How you perform multi-task with hardly any gadget? If not a forever magician, then why relaxing in your lap removes all tensions? Why caressing by your hand gives life elation? How h

Haiku : Earthquake

Haiku : Earthquake Ground shaking below, lives trembled and dreams crumbled, Now rebuilding hopes. ##### Mocking disaster, social became unsocial,  Earthquake of values