Haiku : Floating

Haiku : Floating

The Rohingya Muslim community of Burma is stranded in the sea after facing violence in their homeland Burma at the hands of Buddhist monks and military. Here is a set of haiku trying to explain the misery.

Floating over sea 
targeted by peace seekers,
searching for the home


With no water-food
desiring land below feet
floating over sea  


  1. It's so sad what happening. The powerful Haiku leaves an impact.

  2. sad! very intense and powerful Haiku Kashif....

  3. I loved the line desiring land below feet.... Beautifully penned... Felt their pain..

  4. The selective and biased journalism is even more disheartening. Your haiku is powerful!

  5. What Vishal said is right! That's a really powerful Haiku!
    My prayers to all those people..

  6. That's a sad plight :( more power to them . You packed power in ur words cifar


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