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New Year, New Beginning

New Year, New Beginning 2015 is counting its days. This year like all previous years gave us some good and bad memories. There were incidents of racial abuse, color discrimination, terrorism, environmental issues and refugee crisis similarly there were also incidents of opening doors for refugees, standing against abuses and abolishing of discrimination. This year also saw many ups and downs in Indian diaspora. Some unexpected victories, some obvious defeats, eating habits issues, religious hatred, cultural hatred, injustices,befriending a neighbor while turning away from another, farmers suicide et cetera mainly there are more bad news than good news for India in this year but still when we came united during Chennai Floods, FTII students and farmers suicide we became a stronger nation. Now the new year has brought new opportunities to amend our mistakes and start fresh with high spirits to do something good for the country and the world. Happy New Year to all. Dear world

Christmas Day

Christmas Day Christmas Day(25th December) is known more for Santa Claus and celebration associated with it than for the birth of Jesus Christ the man who stood for love and care throughout his life and who even in his death set the example of forgiveness to the world. Today with below written poem in shape of a Christmas tree I have combined the message of this day with the celebrations. Merry Christmas to all of you. It is the day a child was born who  spread the love in the world, who lived & sacrificed and even forgave his killers to kill hate from the world. The day humanity found the champion of service and care, who devoted  his life for the poor and sick  and always to compassion he adhere. Today on this day lets pledge again to fill the world with endearment. Reduce the pain, share the gain, stood for peace-betterment. love care stay for- ever

Tunhe Saha Jo Dard - A Tribute to Nirbhaya

Tune Saha Jo Dard - A Tribute to Nirbhaya 16 December 2012 the date which witnessed the heinous crime of a gang rape of 23 year old paramedical student Jyoti Singh by five animal like men in Delhi. She as Nirbhaya (fearless) united the country in fight against sexual crimes which resulted in strengthening of rape laws but sadly her rapists even after fast track court hearing are waiting for judgement. Nothing has changed in last three years except the change in governments. Rapes are still rampant in the country and no government looked serious to deal with the issue. I wrote below poem on 29th December 2012 after her death as a tribute to her, I shared it here on this blog previously on 1st Jan. 2013. Today I feel to share it again because as a society we have failed her not because her rapists are not hanged but for the attitude of society towards the rape crimes have not changed. I added the last stanza today while re-writing this poem here. तूने सहा जो दर्द वो इन्तेहा


Joy Up and down, down and up, Day-night passed in wonder, Victory dance, astonishing glance, this boat feared not any thunder. Bruises, laughs, daytime stars, part of our adventure, Cries and fights, again unites Joy of childhood venture. This post is linked to Magpie Tales : Mag 298

Chennai Cheered

Chennai Cheered Earthquake, Floods, Cloud Bursts, Tsunami, etc can only take away our wealth and property but not the spirit which binds us all together. Recent Chennai flood presented the similar example, a city broken by excessive rains, loss of life and property stood again by his unity, courage, hope and love. Salaam Chennai.  Pillows, mattresses, curtains, bed sheets, drown life's saving. Love, courage, hope, unity, but strengthen in the raining. Help poured from every corner faster than the water, First humans came for humans, government arrived later. Temple,mosques and churches, showed their real aim, humanity is the truest faith, God - only a name. Nature altered by our actions, reacted in that way, We have to now discuss and debate how with nature we can stay. Chennai challenged,collectively contacted, thus Chennai cheered, City flooded but the spirit remain intact, thus Chennai cheered. 

Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun!

सोचता हूँ तुम्हे आज ख़त लिखूं! (Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun!) In today's modern world the charm of writing a letter has gone for always. Love letters are things of the past. In this Hindi-Urdu kavita (poem) , I have tried to point out things we are missing by forgetting this art. This contemporary love poem is an expression of love by thinking about writing a letter. Hope you all will like it. सोचता हूँ तुम्हें आज ख़त लिखूं, दिल में है जो मेरे आज सब लिखूं।   Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun, Dil Mein Hai Jo Mere Aaj Sab Likhun. मोबाइल, कंप्यूटर के स्क्रीन को सामने से हटाकर, एक लाल कलम, ख़ुशबूदार कुछ पन्ने जुटाकर, तेरी याद में कुछ कर आँखें नाम लिखूं. .....  सोचता हूँ तुम्हें आज ख़त लिखूं।  Mobile, Computer, Ke Screen Ko Saamne Se Hatakar, Ek Laal Kalam, Khushbudaar Kuch Panne Jutakar, Teri Yaad Mein Kuch Kar Aankhein Nam Likhun.... Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun. वो स्माइली, वो हग्स, वो किसेस उसमे कुछ बी तो नहीं होंगे, बस चंद बातें जो स

Two Minute Medley #2 - World Aids Day

Two Minute Medley #2 - World Aids Day Acceptance,sympathy, care, Sensibility,safety,aware. World Aids Day Promise,protection, precaution, No fear,stigma and discrimination. World Aids Day

Haiku - Re-Fly

Haiku - Re-Fly freedom curbed by force,  bounce back on the oppressor, wings spread to re-fly.

Raat Yun Kehne Laga Mujhse Gagan Ka Chand

रात यों कहने लगा मुझसे गगन का चाँद। Raat Yun Kehne Laga Mujhse Gagan Ka Chand ( At Night Sky's Moon Thus Spoke To Me) - Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar ' Nature made man but with evolution of man, he started challenging nature. As he understood the natural wonders, he started exploiting them by conquering these things in an unplanned way and endangering nature with dreams of destruction. Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar ' in this poem with a conversation with moon telling about this human trait. Human evolving each day and the day is not far that man would be at a place of God. He is suspicious of this uncontrolled growth and has doubts on its impact on sustainability of humans. रात यों कहने लगा मुझसे गगन का चाँद, आदमी भी क्या अनोखा जीव है! उलझनें अपनी बनाकर आप ही फँसता, और फिर बेचैन हो जगता, न सोता है। Raat yun kehne laga mujhse gagan ka chaand Aadmi bhi kya anokha jeev hota hai Uljhane apni banakar aap hi fansta Aur fir bechain ho jagta, na sota

Stand Together

Stand Together Paris Attacks on 13th November 2015 gripped world again in fear of terrorism. While terrorists uses religious masks to spread violence and divide us apart to counter them we have a strong tool i.e. to stay together. I am standing in solidarity with France. Do You? Violence, terror, chaos, fear, searching for near and dear, explosions shattered city of love, fly high O! peace dove. Religions becoming masks for terror, which god did this severe error, blended faith and sanctity, leaving behind humanity. Time is tough, teary is weather, Hold yourselves and Stand Together.

Hold My Hand

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 57 ; the fifty-seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Madhu Vajpayee , the author of Seeking Redemption and Shades Publications , the publisher of Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time . Hold My Hand 'Hold my hand,' that's what everyone wants to hear from a loved one in time of trouble. This phrase implies to be together and when we are together we can overcome any problem. Togetherness when so important for an individual you can calculate its importance for a nation. The head of state in troubled time like what we are facing today if ensure trust and safety in those who are feeling insecure will make a great difference. He just need to extend his hand and say,' Hold My Hand.' Two innocents burned to death, A man died for a mob's wrath, How in joy this Diwali I spend, To them when none say,' Hold my hand!' Voice against

Kabhi Hum Unko Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain!

कभी हम उनको कभी अपने घर को देखते हैं ! Kabhi Hum Unko Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain. - Mirza Ghalib  Like many of Ghalib poetry this too is related to longing for love. Separation from beloved keep him waiting for her letters or any news from her but she is indifferent to his pathetic state. Here is a translation of this famous Ghalib ghazal second couplet of which is very common among the masses. For detailed interpretation of this poem : Woh Aaye Hamare Ghar Mein .  ये जो हम हिज्र में दिवार-ओ-दर को देखते हैं, कभी सबा को कभी नामाबर को देखते हैं। Ye Jo Hum Hijr Mein Diwar-O-Dar Ko Dekhte Hain, Kabhi Saba Ko Kabhi Namabar Ko Dekhte Hain. What I see on walls & doors in separation from my heart-bearer, sometimes I look for zephyr & sometimes for a letter-carrier. वो आए घर में हमारे ख़ुदा की कुदरत है, कभी हम उनको कभी अपने घर को देखते हैं। Wo Aaye Ghar Mein Hamare Khuda Ki Kudrat Hai, Kabhi Hum Unko Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain. It's god'

Haiku : Karva-Chauth

Haiku : Karva-Chauth  Karvachauth is a Hindu festival in which women fasts from dawn to moon sighting for long life of her husband/partner. My Haiku are attempted to bring flavor of this day. Love induced hunger, Full moon comes to the rescue, Both breaking the fast. ####### Waited till evening, Fainted in the lover's arms, Moon shone in mischief  

Evil Never Dies

Evil Never Dies. Have you ever wondered why we burn effigies of Ravana every year on Dussehra day? This is because evil never dies and we must defeat it again and again to become victorious. Similarly we need to overcome evils like jealousy, animosity, greed, anger, proud, etc in us for spreading true message of Dussehra. Happy Dussehra, May Good always become victorious. Everything is burning, everything is down, evil has its head high if you see all around, Ravana is strong, Rama please return,  This year with Ravana his evils also burn. 'Rama and Ravana both resides in you, that who throw Ravana outside becomes new, Rama is with one who this can properly do, What choice you make is entirely up to you.'

Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Mein Hum Aur Zyaada.

मरते हैं तेरे प्यार में हम और ज़्यादा। Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Mein Hum Aur Zyada.  (I Am Dying From Your Love Even More.) - Muhammad Ibrahim Zauq . This Zauq's Ghazal is a pure devotion of love. It has complaints from poet for his beloved's avoiding and hurting him but even then he swear to her name and regards her as his God. He knows that she is spoiled by his love however he knew nothing more than to love her even more. I have translated this ghazal here and hope this will help you in understanding it better. For elaborate understanding : Elaborating Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Mein HGum Aur Zyada. मरते हैं तेरे प्यार से हम और ज़्यादा, तू लुत्फ़ में करता है सितम और ज़्यादा।  Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Se Hum Aur Zyada,  Tu Lutf Mein Karta Hai Sitam Aur Zyaada. I am dying from your love even more, You oppress in enjoyment even more, दें क्यों की न वो दाग़-ए-अलम और ज़्यादा, कीमत में भड़े दिल के दिरम् और ज़्यादा।  De Kyun Ki Na Wo Daag-Ae-Alam Aur Zyaada, Ki

A Secret Revealed.

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 56 ; the fifty-sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. A Secret Revealed. We suffer, we prosper, we born, we die, we hate, we love, we dare, we shy, we eat, we sleep, we laugh, we cry, whatever our faiths we all lie. But you never reveal any oddity? Who are you? What's your identity? We go to holy site, we perform religious rite, we climbed dangerous height, whatever our faiths you were beyond our sight. And you never show your visibility? Who are you? What's your identity? YOU are hiding behind veils of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Jainism, Spirituality, Who are you? What's your identity? This secret I found, I found that secret, when I rummage inside my heart. You were no where but everywhere, depends on what view for you we adhere. You are none but an impression of our heart, told to us as a secret from

Haiku : Tolerance

Haiku : Tolerance  Accept ideas,  absorb each view patiently  take your decision.  ##### The god is certain , defined in many known forms respect His presence. ##### All claims are empty , ways to mislead the humans God resides in heart. ##### This post is linked to Three Word Wednesday #448 ( absorb, certain, empty ).

The Son of The Soil

The Son of The Soil 2nd October is the birth anniversary of two great sons of the soil. Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shahtri. While I have written many times on Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals (which you can read here) I have never dedicated any poem to Lal Bahadur Shastri the most simple human being and the second Prime Minister of India. This poem is dedicated to him. His slogan of  'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan', even now inspires us and instill respect in us for two important pillars of our society. Also Happy Gandhi Jayanti. Both Gandhi Ji and Shastri Ji were believers of world peace. Lets pray for the same on their birthday.  Simple village man amassed love not money, second PM of India was as sweet as honey. But when the tough time of war came, he never let down nation in shame. Hail the soldier (Jai Jawan ) who guards our border, maintain law and order, Hail the farmer ( Jai Kisan) who feeds the nation, responsible for our ration.  This sl

Bahut Khoob Ho Gaye Ho

बहुत ख़ूब हो गए हो। (Bahut Khoob Ho Gaye Ho) Change in my sister's behavior after her engagement inspired me to write this Ghazal (poem). I have observed such changes in many other people and hope this will remind some of you of your courtship days.  जब से तुम किसी के मेहबूब हो गए हो, बहुत ख़ूब, बहुत ख़ूब, बहुत ख़ूब हो गए हो।  Jab Se Tum Kisi Ke Mehboob Ho Gaye Ho, Bahut Khoob, Bahut Khoob, Bahut Khoob Ho Gaye Ho. हर किसी से आँखें चुराना, न हाथ मिलाना, न बातें बनाना, बस एक शख़्स में हर वक़्त मसरूफ़ हो गए हो, बहुत ख़ूब, बहुत ख़ूब, बहुत ख़ूब हो गए हो।  Har Kisi Se Aankh Churana, Na Haath Milana, Na Batein Banana, Bas Ek Shaks Mein Har Waqt Masroof Ho Gaye Ho, Bahut Khoob, Bahut Khoob, Bahut Khoob Ho Gaye Ho. दिखते ही नहीं अब तो खुल के मुस्कुराते, सखियों संग बतियाते, अकेले बैठ फुसफुसाने में माहिर हो गए हो, बहुत ख़ूब, बहुत ख़ूब, बहुत ख़ूब हो गए हो।  Dikhte Hi Nahin Ab To Khul Ke Muskurate, Sakhiyon Sang Batiyate, Akele Baithe Fusfusane Mein Mahir H


Eid-al-Adha Eid-al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son as an act of submission to God's command. This is celebration of his faith in Allah which didn't weaken even after provocation from Satan on the way. He firmly believed that Allah would do no harm to his son and that happened when his son replaced with a sheep. Happy Eid . millions gather in the holy city, follow the procedures of the prophet, hit stones to the greed with alacrity, displaying faith in Allah like the prophet, sacrificing bad in you and not just an animal, feeding hungry and caring the needy, detach from loved possession and not just an animal, come out from Satan's pity.  

A Small Home

A Small Home From life long toil, collecting brick, mortar, soil, I made a small strong home, with windows, doors and dome, faced every condition without any harm, stood unmoved in wind,rain,cold and warm, but within moments it broke apart, when love from it depart.  This Eight Liner is linked to Magpie Tales Mag #285.  

Two Minute Medley

Two Minute Medley #1 Here are few two-two minute poems covering different incidents happened in India and the world in recent times. इश्क़ की हवा चलाने वाला, अब हुआ इस दुनिया से बेगाना।  Ishq Ki Hawa Chalane Wala, Ab Hua Is Duniya Se Begana. ##### Drowned body, woke up everybody. ##### The leader who as almighty projected, all previous norms who has rejected, bowed to the family ( parivar) in similar fashion, continuing caste,religion,abuse based political tradition.   ##### बात-बात पर धमकाता है मेरा नादान पड़ोसी, कमज़ोरी नहीं है मेरी अमन पसंद ख़ामोशी।  Baat-Baat Par Dhamkata Hai Mera Nadan Padosi, Kamzori Nahin Hai Meri Aman Pasand Khamoshi. ##### Mother-Daughter-Sister-Father-Brother-Lover, Usually completes family and not mysterious murder. ##### Too much bad news I guess, here is one to lighten the mood: उफ़्फ़ तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ों का इस तरह लहराना, क्या नया कोई शैम्पू है बाज़ार में आना ?

Hai Guru Tujhe Pranam. - Salute To The Teacher.

हे गुरु तुझे प्रणाम। (Salute To The Teacher.) 5th September - the birthday of our second President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated as Teacher's Day in India to honor contribution of teacher's in our society. Teachers give directions to our life. They fills the empty slates of our mind with knowledge. A good teacher discovers the potential of his/her student and guides them towards their destination. Kabir 's doha rightly describes the status of a Teacher in a student's life: गुरु गोविंद दोनों खड़े, काके लागूं पाए, बलिहारी गुरु आपनो, गोविंद दियो मिलाए।  Guru Gobind Dono Khade, Kake Lagun Paye, Balihari Guru Aapno, Govind Diyo Milaye. Teacher and God both are there, to whom I praise, Salute to the teacher, helped in getting God's grace. My Hindi poem below is an extension of the above thought. It says that teacher taught us how to build a wall from mud, how to build a tool from iron and so on. It was teacher who made God to mere hu

Haiku : Fever and Cold

Haiku : Fever and Cold Artistry seized, imagination blocked, blame fever and cold. ###### thoughts wander here-there, red nose is signal for all, stop and don't disturb. ######

Raksha Bandhan - Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti.

रक्षा बंधन - जिसकी बहन नहीं होती। Raksha Bandhan - Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival of brother-sister love in which sister tie a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother's hand and wishes for his long-life while brother promises to protect her and take care of her in every possible way. Sadly the country which celebrate such a unique festival reports incidents of Honor Killing and has a high rate of crime against women. Lets pledge to respect each women equally this Raksha Bandhan as a mark of  honor for your sister. In this Hindi Kavita (Poem) I have tried to express what all those devoid of sisters are missing in their life. It is also reminder to all those who have sisters but take these advantages as granted without caring for their sisters.  Happy Raksha Bandhan to all. सूनी कलाई, सूना बचपन, सूना आगन हो जाता है, जिसकी बहन नहीं होती सूना उसका जीवन हो जाता है।  Suni Kalai, Suna Bachpan, Suna Aagan Ho Jata Hai, Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Su

Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khae Bahut

ज़ख्म झेले दाग़ भी खाए बहुत। Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khaye Bahut. (Enough Insulted, wounds tolerated too much.) - Mir Taqi Mir. A love composition by Mir Taqi Mir - Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khaye Bahut which describes various aspects of love is translated by me in this post. Mir one of the stalwarts of Urdu ghazal writers describes that he was repenting giving his heart after seeing insults and wounds but even then he was enjoying everything about love. The ghazal is elaborated in detail at Mir's Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khaye Bahut.   ज़ख्म झेले दाग़ भी खाए बहुत, दिल लगा कर हम तो पछताए बहुत।  Zakhm jhele dagh bhi khaye bahut, Dil laga kar hum to pachtaye bahut. Enough insulted, wounds tolerated too much, By attaching heart I have repented too much. जब न तब जगह से तुम जाया किए, हम तो अपनी और से आए बहुत।  Jab na tab jagah se tum jaya kiye, Hum to apni aur se aaye bahut. You went away according to your wish, From my side,I have visited too much.

Mother India Smiled.

Mother India Smiled. Patriotism is a word which hit our ears when national festivals like Independence Day or Republic Day are near or when there is some national disaster like terrorist attack or floods affects the country. India is a diverse and developing nation which requires this patriotism throughout the year for economic,cultural and social development of the country. But Sadly that doesn't happen and we forget our nationalism in front of region,religion,caste or color. Although there is negativity all over but some recent incidence shows that all his not lost. At such moments Mother India don't lament on her condition. Giving away your life is not the only symbol of your patriotism, completing your duties as a citizen honestly is also patriotism and a greater one because you need to practice it daily. I am putting here some recent incidences here in the form of a poem which displays such patriotism and brings smile on face of mother India. Happy Independence

Nonet : Love - Hate

Nonet : Love - Hate A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with one syllable. The one to nine syllable poem is called a reverse nonet. Here is the combination of both as an Hour Glass poem. When someone's happiness becomes your, all blessings in their life you pour, their each action you adore, with them you never bore, felt pain when apart, then hold your heart, because this, is called, Love. Hate. when you, understand, no one to trust, having life to rust, spoiled every relation as friend you have gathered none, no place is reserved for the one, Neither on earth nor in the heaven,

Haiku : A Friend

Haiku : A Friend Who? Except a friend when the world left you aside, rooted on your side.  #### None but a good friend, without changing who you are, accept you at par.  ####


Bubbles Bound to the ground, no space to move around. How free are these bubbles ,  relieved from every troubles.  Not thinking about small life, leaving behind all signs of strife. Shining in the glory of sun rays, living in every moment not wasting days. Cat reflecting my feelings in her stare, cursing tedious life and admiring bubbles ' glare.  This post is linked to Five Sentence Fiction ( Bubbles ), and Three Word Wednesday #438 (waste, reflect, tedious)


Ashamed Unable to face your anger, I lowered my gaze  For behaving like a stranger, When you were in distress. I realized my mistake, when time repeated itself, Like me - a friend fake, when killed morality of self. This eight-liner is linked to Magpie Tales : Mag 280

Shayari - 10 - Jigar Muradabadi

Shayari - 10 (Couplets of Jigar Muradabadi ) Jigar Muradabadi is a famous Indian Urdu poet. ( Ghazal and Shayari ). His writing is simple and effective. Here I have translated his two popular shers (couplets). आ कि तुझ बिन इस तरह ऐ दोस्त घबराता हूँ मैं, जैसे हर शय में किसी शय की कमी पाता हूँ मैं।  Aa Ki Tujh Bin Is Tarah Ae Dost Ghabrata Hun Mein, Jaise Har Shay Mein Kisi Shay Ki Kami Pata Hun Mein. Come my friend as I am afraid without your coming, In a way that I found everything lacking in everything.  ####### तेरी ख़ुशी से अगर ग़म में भी ख़ुशी न हुई,  वो ज़िन्दगी तो मोहब्बत की ज़िन्दगी न हुई।  Teri Khushi Se Agar Gham Mein Bhi Khushi Na Hui, Wo Zindagi To Mohabbat Ki Zindagi Na Hui. If I am not glad in sadness for your happiness, That life is not the life of love, its worthless. #######                    


Eid-al-Fitr Eid-al-Fitr is a festival to celebrate the feast of breaking the fast after the month of Ramzaan. But the festivities of Eid is not complete if they are not shared with least fortunate , Muslims did this in form of Zakaat and Fitra . This poem is summarization of this festival.  Happy Eid , Eid Mubarak. Crescent moon appeared, to mark the victory of those who fasted. With alms happiness shared, Your endurance He has properly tested. In Ramzaan all your sins cleared,  Like a new born child your soul has acted,  Feast of happiness - Eid arrived, Embrace those whom destiny has rejected.