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मै कह दूं तो न घबराओ

मै कह दूं तो न घबराओ

मै कह दूं तो न घबराओ,ये सोच के चुप हो जाता हूँ,
शर्माती हो जब तुम तो मै भी तो शर्मा जाता हूँ।

बरसातों में मै भी तेरे संग-संग भीगूँ,
मयूर सी जब झूमें तू,ताल मै तबले पे लूँ,
भीगी ज़ुल्फों की छींटों से ही पर मै छुप जाता हूँ,
शर्माती हो जब तुम तो मै भी तो शर्मा जाता हूँ।

होली के रंगों से तेरा मै आँचल रंग दूं,
मुस्कान तेरी बढाने में,मै तेरा संग दूँ
पर गुलाल लगाने से पहले मै लाल हो जाता हूँ,
शर्माती हो जब तुम तो मै भी तो शर्मा जाता हूँ।

तेरी मधुर वाणी को शब्द अपने मै दूँ,
गीत जब गाए तू तो,उसे संगीत मै दूँ,
सरगम तेरी मगर सुनकर मन्त्रमुग्द हो जाता हूँ,
शर्माती हो जब तुम तो मै भी तो शर्मा जाता हूँ।

तेरे कोमल हाथों को चूड़ियों से भर दूँ,
नाम तू बस मेरा ले,तुझको इतना प्रेम मै दूँ,
पाने में कहीं खो ना दूँ,यूँ मै डर जाता हूँ,
शर्माती हो जब तुम तो मै भी तो शर्मा जाता हूँ।

मै कह दूं तो न घबराओ,ये सोच के चुप हो जाता हूँ,
शर्माती हो जब तुम तो मै भी तो शर्मा जाता हूँ।

Lamhat(Moments) has completed one year today i.e 30th August 2013 and this post is my hundredth post. Two achievemen…

Krishna Come On Earth

Krishna Come On EarthKrishna come again on earth, to teach us what's Love's worth.
Play your flute to soothe our souls, so peace spreads in the world whole.
Lord Krishna is the most loved and famous Hindu God. His devotees spreads not only in India and South Asia but in the whole world. His birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami,the god who taught the value of love and karma have many followers since his existence is known two of the most famous among them are Surdas and Mira Bai. They devoted their whole life in his devotion and wrote many bhajans( devotional songs) in his praise. On the occasion of Janmashtami, I am sharing one padd (couplet) of each of them. Happy Janmashtami.

1. म्हारो प्रणाम ( My Obeisance) - Meera Bai
म्हारो प्रणाम बांके बिहारी को।            My Obeisance to Banke Bihari( Krishna)                   

मोरमुकुट माथे तिलक बिराजे,            Peacock-feather crown,tilak on forehead,
कुंडल अल्कां कारी को,                         has hanging on ear-hoops hair strands,

Drown In Your Love

Drown In Your Love
Drown in your love, I don't know now, to come out how?
Drown in your love, I am useless and numb, For you I am so dumb,
Drown in your love, Forgets my paths and way, on streets I move astray,
Drown in your love, My reflections shows you, tell me how I throw out you,
Drown in your love, I am without any choice, I only hears your voice,
Drown in your love, I will get you or die, How to live in pain and sigh.
written for The Mag.
To know more about this poem : click here.

Bond Of Love

Bond Of Love The festival of Raksha Bandhan in India is entirely dedicated to the love and affection shared between a brother and sister. This also represents our communal harmony as many Hindu girls have Muslim brothers whom they tie rakhi. There is no other festival in any part of the world celebrating this special bond of love between a brother and a sister. Here I presents a poem for this special festival. Wishing a very happy Raksha Bandhan to all readers and visitors.

A bond of love,a bond of trust, a relation which never rust.
She is sharing & caring ,a true friend, to her love there is no end.
He is supportive, for her always stand, wish happiness for her very grand.
A thread she ties for his long life, he protects her so in jubilation she thrive.
For each other's problems they are cure, Let's celebrate this relation,so pure. 

Naam Desh Ka Likhunga

नाम देश का लिखूँगा। - India as my identity.
India is the only country in the world with so many religions and culture. We live united in spite of so many diversities and are ready to give our lives for our country. Mohammad Iqbal in "Sare jahan se achcha",said "Kuch baat hai ki hasti mitti nahin hamari,sadiyon raha hai dushman daure jahan hamara" which means that there is something that our identity is not erasable even when world is against us in every age which is true for us. Happy Independence Day to all.Here is two versions of a patriotic poem one in hindi and other in english.
मै आज कलम से नाम देश का लिखूँगा,            I will only write India as my identity, न वेश-केश,न जात-धर्म कुछ लिखूँगा।             Nor religion-caste,neither distinction heredity, मै आज कलम से नाम देश का लिखूँगा।           I will only write India as my identity.
घंटी,आज़ान,गुरबाणी की आवाज़ों से,               If lured by someone who worships or prayers, बहकाए कोई जो पूजा और नमाज़ों से,      …

Aa Gayee Eid(Eid has came)

आ गई ईद। (Eid Has Came)
मुस्कुराते नए चाँद के साथ, रोज़ेदारों को मिली है सौगात, खुशियाँ बाटने की चलाकर रीत, आ गई ईद,आ गई ईद। 
With beaming of the new moon, Rozedar* has received a boon, Sharing happiness with it's aim, Eid has came,Eid has came.
दोस्तों से,दुश्मनों से मिटा शिकवे-गिले, आ गया दिन जब मिलेंगे सबसे गले, बुराइयों पर हासिल करती जीत, आ गई ईद,आ गई ईद। 
Erase grievances from foe and friend, A day has come in hugs to spend, Victory over evil it acclaim, Eid has came,Eid has came.
दूर ग़म मुफ्लीसों के करने को, मिठास हर ज़िन्दगी में भरने को, हर किसी से जोड़ने प्रीत, आ गई ईद,आ गई ईद। 
Problems of all paupers to reduce, sweetness in every body's life to induce, Love for each one it claim, Eid has came,Eid has came.
*Rozedar = Those who fast during holy month of Ramzaan.

Only Love To Give

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 40; the fortieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "MAKE A WISH" Only Love To Give
Boy: " O God! today I am going to tell that girl for whom I always make a wish from you about my love,I hope she will accept me."
He goes and expresses his love in this way:
Sorrows I reap,in solitude I weep, pain and grief with me I keep, neither big cars,nor lavish home to live, I have only love to give.
If you make a wish for diamonds or gold, I can bring you a full moon to hold, can take you to your world of fictive, But I have only love to give.
Creating your temple in my heart, making your idol with the finest craft, will worship you,may god not forgive, as I have only love to give.
Girl after listening him quietly says to him:

Every girl make a wish in her life, A selfless lover …