Only Love To Give

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Only Love To Give

Boy: " O God! today I am going to tell that girl for whom I always make a wish from you about my love,I hope she will accept me."

He goes and expresses his love in this way:

Sorrows I reap,in solitude I weep,
pain and grief with me I keep,
neither big cars,nor lavish home to live,
I have only love to give.

If you make a wish for diamonds or gold,
I can bring you a full moon to hold,
can take you to your world of fictive,
But I have only love to give.

Creating your temple in my heart,
making your idol with the finest craft,
will worship you,may god not forgive,
as I have only love to give.

Girl after listening him quietly says to him:

Every girl make a wish in her life,
A selfless lover and to be his wife,
but what love will do,when hunger will strike,
what about outings without any motorbike.

Diamonds are my friends,how I forget them so soon,
and anyways it's impossible to bring down the moon,
I will care for your love,if you care for my needs,
do something in reality,how I trust vocal deeds.

Boy went back with broken heart in hope that she will understand him someday.
Boy: " My wish is not fulfilled but O God! always give her what she wants."

Love for love was a yesterday call,
today's love has became so small,
in money & gold now it can be measure,
in this materialistic world it is no more a treasure.

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  1. This is incredibly lovely. Second verse is beautiful.

  2. Very nice and very True .. All The Best for BAT

    My Attempt - Vikas Khair - Wishes

  3. it is indeed true.. money speaks more than love today...

  4. Love is always selfless...
    All The Best for BAT :)

  5. interesting conversation between two very different worlds, I really like the end

    1. thank you francoise MICHEL for appreciation

  6. thank you all for your comments and feedback

  7. Oooh I Loved it...very beautiful, nicely composed, splendid work..great use of words, simple sweet and a genuine wish that should definitely come true... :)

  8. That is a really nice, easy to understand, beautiful poem

  9. So beautifuly crafted!
    But it's not fair, it's not only girls that run after money. Boys too!

    All the best for BATOM :)

  10. The best entry I've read so far... :)
    truly a heart melting and beautiful composition.
    Wish u all the best dear.

  11. Beautiful composition showing an earnest loving heart!

  12. Very touchy!

    All the best for the BAT!

    My entry for BAT

  13. Aww...beautiful entry, cifar! All the best...

  14. That's a beautiful composition!

    My response to your comment on my blog post:

    Hi Cifar,

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. For your information, I am not contesting for Blog-a-Ton crowns from edition no 31 and this is known to all old legs :) :) It is just that passion in me wants to participate in Blog-a-Ton and that's the reason I am writing :) Thanks again :) Keep writing..

    My best wishes for you :)

    Someone is Special


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