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Adhura Hai Safar Tere Intezaar Mein

अधूरा है सफ़र तेरे इंतेज़ार में।  (Adhura Hai Safar Tere Intezaar Mein)

अधूरा है सफ़र तेरे इंतज़ार में, तुझे ढूंढे है नज़र अब भी प्यार में। Adhura hai safar tere intezaar mein, Tujhe dhoondhe hai nazar ab bhi pyaar mein.
कुछ रस्ते संग तेरे गुज़रने थे मुझे, जो है खोए हुए सभी मझधार में। Kuch raste sang tere guzarne the mujhe, Jo hain khoye hue sabhi majhdhaar mein.
मेरी नादानी ही तो थी तुझे चाहा बेइन्तहां, तेरे प्यार में छोड़ा सारा जहाँ, भटकता हूँ अब बंजारा सा मैं, ये ज़िन्दगी अब नहीं मेरे इख़्तियार में। Meri nadani hi to thi tujhe chaha beintehaan, Tere pyaar mein choda sara jahan, Bhatakta hun ab banjara sa mein, Ye zindagi ab nahin mere ikhtiyaar mein.
अधूरा है सफ़र तेरे इंतज़ार में, तुझे ढूंढे है नज़र अब भी प्यार में। Adhura hai safar tere intezaar mein, Tujhe dhoondhe hai nazar ab bhi pyaar mein.
जहाँ मिल जाओगे होगी मेरी मंज़िल वही, मौत बैठी है वरना मिटाने हमें ख़ाक़ में।  Jahan mil jaoge hogi meri manzil wahi, Maut bethi hai warna mitane hamein khak mein.
अधूरा (Adhura ) - Incomplete, मझधार ( Majhdhaar ) -

Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa ?

हंगामा है क्यूँ बरपा?( Why Is This Chaos?)- Akbar Allahabadi

This Ghazal was written by Akbar Allahabadi during the time of Hindi-Muslim conflict. Since he was advocating Hindu-Muslim unity claiming that conflicts were part of Britishers Divide and Rule policy, some Muslim fanatics taunted that he had been given alcohol by the Hindus (Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol). This Ghazal was his response to those insinuations. Thus this ghazal has a broader sense than about the pleasure of imbibing alcohol.
हंगामा है क्यूँ बरपा, थोड़ी सी जो पी ली है
डाका तो नहीं डाला, चोरी तो नहीं की है Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa, Thodi Si Jo Pii Lii Hai
Daakaa Toh Nahin Daalaa Chori Toh Nahi Kii Hai

Why is this chaos growing for my slight drinking, I haven't committed any robbery,nor indulged in stealing.
ना-तजुर्बाकारी से, वाइज़ की ये बातें हैं
इस रंग को क्या जाने, पूछो तो कभी पी है Naa Tajurbakaari Se Vaais Kii Ye Baatein Hai
Is Rang Ko Kyaa Jaane Puchho Toh Kabhi Pii Hai
In inexperienced way religious preach…

Shayari - 6

शायरी (Couplet) - मुसाफिर (Musafir)  - Traveler

फ़िर आज मुसाफ़िर सी लगती है ज़िन्दगी, एक तू बिछड़ गया,एक घर उजड़ गया। - सिफ़र
Phir aaj musafir si lagti hai zindagi, Ek tu bichad gaya, ek ghar ujad gaya - Cifar
Today life again look likes as of a traveler, As you parted, a house became deserted.

Creator Of The Creators

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Creator Of The Creators
The first face a child sees, the first word a child speaks,the first touch a child feels and the first love of everyone's life is a mother an eight liner dedicated to all mothers on this mother's day. 
Master of all matters, creator of the creators. An image of sacrifice, loving polite and nice.
You introduced me to life, Mom,you helped me to thrive. Your favors I can't reciprocate, even if into many lives I reincarnate. 
while I was writing this a sher (couplet) strikes my mind,
तुझे क्या दूँ तूने तो सब कुछ दिया है, तेरे बाद अब मैने ख़ुदा को रख दिया है। 
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O! Dear Sun God

O ! Dear Sun God.
My prayer letter to Sun God to show some mercy in this unbearable summer.
O dear Sun God!  Don't beat us with rays rod,
In passion of giving lives, Don't destroy our tribes. You laugh when we cry, you make us tandoori fry.
Now I know how chicken feels when heated, Now I know how iron feels with heat if treated, Now I know why egg shout when put on pan, Now I know how coal gets so much tan.
Mercy O my lord, You are the only shining god, treat us with care, from your heat don't scare.
Now in morning we will offer glucose water, We will drink soft drink and not alcohol quarter, We are your children have a little pity, Spit your anger and be a little witty. 
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The Page Will Turn

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When you were crying boy, and I was smiling girl, You had dimples on cheeks, and I had curly swirl,
When I fell down during play, and you blow away the dust, I used to eat soft bread, when you removed hard crust,
Then also in that joy and fun , I was sure the page will turn.
When you followed silly girls, and they gave you a slap, You committed daily mistakes,  and I hid your crap
When you hit a boundary, I cheered you in crowd, you needed some help, but never shared your doubt,

During that time of hormonal overturn,I was sure the page will turn.

When you joined the army,
page did turned,
you expressed your love,
but never returned.

War snatched my everything,
but I didn't cry,
For peace's sake,promises became fake,
but I never aske…