O! Dear Sun God

O ! Dear Sun God.

My prayer letter to Sun God to show some mercy in this unbearable summer.

O dear Sun God! 
Don't beat us with rays rod,

In passion of giving lives,
Don't destroy our tribes.
You laugh when we cry,
you make us tandoori fry.

Now I know how chicken feels when heated,
Now I know how iron feels with heat if treated,
Now I know why egg shout when put on pan,
Now I know how coal gets so much tan.

Mercy O my lord,
You are the only shining god,
treat us with care,
from your heat don't scare.

Now in morning we will offer glucose water,
We will drink soft drink and not alcohol quarter,
We are your children have a little pity,
Spit your anger and be a little witty. 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. lol.......yeah sure now we know how the egg and chicken must feel

  2. good one cifar :-) loved d tandoori fry part :-D

  3. lol...liked it:)

  4. Good :D Your user name is also very nice Cifar ... :)


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