The Page Will Turn

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The Page Will Turn

When you were crying boy,
and I was smiling girl,
You had dimples on cheeks,
and I had curly swirl,

When I fell down during play,
and you blow away the dust,
I used to eat soft bread,
when you removed hard crust,

Then also in that joy and fun , I was sure the page will turn.

When you followed silly girls,
and they gave you a slap,
You committed daily mistakes, 
and I hid your crap

When you hit a boundary,
I cheered you in crowd,
you needed some help,
but never shared your doubt,

During that time of hormonal overturn,I was sure the page will turn.

When you joined the army,
page did turned,
you expressed your love,
but never returned.

War snatched my everything,
but I didn't cry,
For peace's sake,promises became fake,
but I never asked 'why?'

I am sure the page will turn, when in heaven we would be one.

Different phases comes in life,
some are happy, some are sad,
never stop at any point,
good comes after every bad,

Never sit back and relax,
don't let your hopes shun,
what next chapter has in store for you,
will reveal when the page will turn
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  1. Wow CS, I don't have words to express my feelings, thats a brilliant piece of writing.

  2. True life can never be the same. It always changes. Very well expressedexpressed :)

  3. Wonderful poem Cifar Shayar... Gripping, emotional and patriotic....

    ATB for BAT

  4. This was awesome. Such nice emotions are woven into these lines. All the best to you. :)

  5. Few of the lines are very practical and hopeful. Yet another a beautiful composition by you :)
    Wish you all the best, Cifar

  6. What a beautiful piece Cifar!! Keep writing :)

  7. Really VERY nice....It somehow reminded me of the 'Chicago' movie song 'we just move on'..... You are a shayar :)

  8. PS..many .thanks for joining :)


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