Creator Of The Creators

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Creator Of The Creators

The first face a child sees, the first word a child speaks,the first touch a child feels and the first love of everyone's life is a mother an eight liner dedicated to all mothers on this mother's day. 

Master of all matters,
creator of the creators.
An image of sacrifice,
loving polite and nice.

You introduced me to life,
Mom,you helped me to thrive.
Your favors I can't reciprocate,
even if into many lives I reincarnate. 

while I was writing this a sher (couplet) strikes my mind,

तुझे क्या दूँ तूने तो सब कुछ दिया है,
तेरे बाद अब मैने ख़ुदा को रख दिया है। 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. well written :) all the best for the wow!

  2. I like how you've mentioned that some of the most important & crucial 'firsts' for a child are through his mother - first face he/she sees, first touch ever felt, first love of their lives... :)

  3. Wonderful lines, Cifar. I love the Hindi ones. Very apt!

  4. Beautiful lines Cifar :) "You introduce me to life" True!!!

    Someone is Special

  5. Meri har baat pe wo aitbaar karti hai, uski ye khoobi hi mujhe sharmsar karti hai, Dost, Aziz, biradar sab khafa hain mujhse... Ek wo hi hai jo mujhse ab bhi pyar karti hai.... That's Mother for you Cifar :)

    1. you made this poem more beautiful with that sher thanks


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