Aa Gayee Eid(Eid has came)

आ गई ईद। (Eid Has Came)

मुस्कुराते नए चाँद के साथ,
रोज़ेदारों को मिली है सौगात,
खुशियाँ बाटने की चलाकर रीत,
आ गई ईद,आ गई ईद। 

With beaming of the new moon,
Rozedar* has received a boon,
Sharing happiness with it's aim,
Eid has came,Eid has came.

दोस्तों से,दुश्मनों से मिटा शिकवे-गिले,
आ गया दिन जब मिलेंगे सबसे गले,
बुराइयों पर हासिल करती जीत,
आ गई ईद,आ गई ईद। 

Erase grievances from foe and friend,
A day has come in hugs to spend,
Victory over evil it acclaim,
Eid has came,Eid has came.

दूर ग़म मुफ्लीसों के करने को,
मिठास हर ज़िन्दगी में भरने को,
हर किसी से जोड़ने प्रीत,
आ गई ईद,आ गई ईद। 

Problems of all paupers to reduce,
sweetness in every body's life to induce,
Love for each one it claim,
Eid has came,Eid has came.

*Rozedar = Those who fast during holy month of Ramzaan.


  1. Nice read! Hope you had an enjoyable Eid.

  2. I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! It is for up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. Follow this link to my blog to see the details of the award. http://preciousglories.blogspot.in/p/blog-page_8.html .Keep up the great work!


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