Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Christmas Day(25th December) is known more for Santa Claus and celebration associated with it than for the birth of Jesus Christ the man who stood for love and care throughout his life and who even in his death set the example of forgiveness to the world. Today with below written poem in shape of a Christmas tree I have combined the message of this day with the celebrations. Merry Christmas to all of you.

is the
day a child
was born who 
spread the love in
the world, who lived &
sacrificed and even
forgave his killers to kill
hate from the world. The day
humanity found the champion
of service and care, who devoted 
his life for the poor and sick 
and always to compassion he adhere.
Today on this day lets pledge again to
fill the world with endearment. Reduce the
pain, share the gain, stood for peace-betterment.


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