New Year, New Beginning

New Year, New Beginning

2015 is counting its days. This year like all previous years gave us some good and bad memories. There were incidents of racial abuse, color discrimination, terrorism, environmental issues and refugee crisis similarly there were also incidents of opening doors for refugees, standing against abuses and abolishing of discrimination. This year also saw many ups and downs in Indian diaspora. Some unexpected victories, some obvious defeats, eating habits issues, religious hatred, cultural hatred, injustices,befriending a neighbor while turning away from another, farmers suicide et cetera mainly there are more bad news than good news for India in this year but still when we came united during Chennai Floods, FTII students and farmers suicide we became a stronger nation. Now the new year has brought new opportunities to amend our mistakes and start fresh with high spirits to do something good for the country and the world. Happy New Year to all.

Dear world terrorism has no religion,
humanity thrives in every tradition,
lets unite to save humanity from drowning,
new year is opening new doors for fresh beginning.

Only one world, one earth for habitation,
why ruining it with garbage and pollution,
we sat and discussed for possible solution,
new year offers platform for measures' execution.

Love Jihad,Ghar Wapsi, beef, banishment, intolerance
My country needs upliftment and proper governance,
If crisis unites us, underdevelopment is the biggest crisis,
new year is the right time we should together rises.

Some dear one departed, some new arrived,
earthquake, racial abuse,floods, riots screwed us tight,
hope and courage have strengthen many fold,
new year is at the door for new victory stories to told.

New year is an opportunity for new beginning,
learning from mistakes, do mistakes and further learning,
face challenges with resolute determination,
never give up hope, win over altercation.

This post is linked to Three Word Wednesday # 460 (new, fresh, resolute)

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  1. It's been a rough year, that's for sure.

  2. As we see and learn so much of the world we are saddened at such tragedies,cruelty and greed. Once we knew so little of what happened in the world but now we do rather than enriching us we seem to be horrified and disappointed at what we see and hear. We have but hope left that things will change...let's hope they do.

  3. It does indeed take a lot of resolve to change - both personally and globally..perhaps as humans we have both the desire to help each other as well as hurt each other...we can only hope the former always wins out...happy new year to you

  4. An very apt round-up of what happened, Cifar! Hopefully it'll be a better year even though there were talks of world depression looming.


  5. Great thoughts and feelings. Happy New Year.

  6. A very well laid post :) Wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year from TSS

  7. Very-well penned.Have a rocking 2016!

  8. Each year we live through the best and the worst that life and humanity can dish up. Your post points this out so clearly and just as clearly you point out that with the new year, we are given the chance to learn from our errors ... may this be the year more and more people resolve to do just that! Happy New Year.

  9. Thoughtful lines and beautifully put. A very Happy New Year, Cifar!

  10. Happy New Year. Think positive,enjoy the small things and try your personal best. Lovely poem!

  11. 'Never give up hope', indeed, so many people of different backgrounds stand up together for peace in the world. Great intentions in your poem, Safar! Happy New Year!


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