Hold My Hand

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Hold My Hand

'Hold my hand,' that's what everyone wants to hear from a loved one in time of trouble. This phrase implies to be together and when we are together we can overcome any problem. Togetherness when so important for an individual you can calculate its importance for a nation. The head of state in troubled time like what we are facing today if ensure trust and safety in those who are feeling insecure will make a great difference. He just need to extend his hand and say,' Hold My Hand.'

Two innocents burned to death,
A man died for a mob's wrath,
How in joy this Diwali I spend,
To them when none say,' Hold my hand!'

Voice against superstition suppressed with gunshot,
peacekeepers' faces attacked with ink from ink pot,
Rocket of tolerance landing in dead end,
And none come to say, 'Hold My Hand'

A neighbor declined peace another closed its door,
What to eat what not, poor poor are not sure,
Sweet Diwali losing shining lantern,
But none come to say,'Hold my hand.'

Students deemed terrorists their future in turmoil,
writers,historians,filmmakers have no place on their soil,
how will lamp burn when air is restrained,
But none come to say,'Hold my hand.'

I hope he soon say this to the nation : 

Hold my hand this your land,
Hold my hand intolerance is not our nation's trend,
Hold my hand to tie a friendship band,
Hold my hand this hatred will soon end,
Hold my hand eat what suitable you comprehend,
Hold my hand opposition too has a stand,
Hold my hand awardees concern we understand,
Hold my hand criticism makes democracy strengthen,
Hold my hand to celebrate Diwali enlightened.

Diwali is near which is the best time for coming out from darkness to light, from bitterness & animosity to sweetness & friendship. Happy Diwali.

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  1. You have touched the burning point of discussion in today's world through your poem.

  2. A very thoughtful poem, Cifar! I wish the nation changes the way you wrote. Happy Diwali! All the best for BAT! Keep writing :)

    Someone is Special

  3. Yes. I too hope that the nation's heads say that someday, and really understand what the nation needs rather than enforce things that aren't a priority.

  4. One of thebetter and unique take on the topic...so aptly used your poetic skills to describe the current scenario.....when everyone is writing something or other about relationships, you have touched an altogether a different niche

  5. Such a beautifully penned soulful poem. :) A treat to read!

  6. Good One......you almost made a political statement with your poem. But I don't think the intolerance is growing because of the current government. The award vapsi team & many others are in a big hurry to declare the new government a satan. A few of the ministers made some stupid statements & that does not make the whole country intolerant. Needless to say....our machinery remains the same irrespective of who runs the government.
    Don't start the cry yet, Let the wolf come first.
    You said a lot more with a few words & your poem sends in a powerful message as usual.

    1. see PM who is very opinionated when remain silence on mindless talking by his ministers and party members then it hurts to those who are targeted by them

  7. Very well penned. You have brought the current situations that are happening now in our country. Tolerance vs Intolerance, Award Vapasi etc. Wouldn't be the life will be smooth with peace if everyone strengthens to bond each other with respect? Belated diwali wishes to you.


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