Dark Cloudy Night

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Dark Cloudy Night

It was a dark cloudy night,
When the moon was out of sight,

Towards home I was walking alone,
On an empty road between green zone,

Suddenly in that cold breeze,
hearing sound of anklets,I seize,

A woman in black saree ahead of me,
with long plaits like a snake,moving slowly,

She glanced at me with a smile,
I followed her to have her profile,

When we reached a deserted place,
she called me and ended the chase,

Pulled me close and looked in to my eyes,
I was in heaven for being her choice,

Moved finger with long nails on my face,
It's not love,I realize,but a different case,

Her curved back feet created such doubt,
I ran in a moment, unable to shout,

Really, truth is stranger than fiction,
This incident was enough for my perspiration,

With whom I started dreaming my whole life,
Was thirsty for blood,having teeth as sharp as knife. 

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  1. I am glad she pardoned your life to give us more shayari.Be careful next time.

    1. thank you indu chhibber,prayers from well wishers like you worked for me

  2. हा हा..ये तो वही बात हो गई कि "जिसे समझा था मरहला..निकली वो ड्रैकुला" :)
    (मरहला -मंजिल)

  3. Wow.. That was close call :P.
    Your poetry was amazing. Twist in the end is appreciated.

    My Entry for BAT

  4. hey you sneaked in time
    glad she took it fine

    ATB for BAT
    do drop in at:
    - Don't Whine

  5. Hilarious, But she was kind enough to leave you alone. Thank your stars.

  6. Ha ha :D This could be a teaser trailer for Daayan :P

    Besties for BAT!

    Mixi (My BAT entry)

  7. Shudder- in such few lines , with a challenging phrase to incorporate- you wove a beautiful story - that too in poetic way!
    Way to Go!!

    All the best for BAT

  8. Ahh that was a captivating read

    ATB for BAT

    -Snuffles Jay
    Drop by here too someday

  9. my o my! a vampire!! came to claim the truth or fiction!?! loved the rhyme...for this short and sweet piece!

  10. thank you all for reading and liking my poem.

  11. horror knit into a poem - wonderful effort ! :)

  12. Beautifully rhymed poem! Lik ed the way you described that horror lady!

  13. Oooh...that was close!!:D Amazing piece of writing! ATB for BAT!!

  14. The framing of rhythmic words in a poetic way with a story way is good. Sweet-end touch in vampire kind of poem. Good luck for BAT 37

  15. Wow and you are a vampire too!



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