You Need A Break

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You Need A Break

"You need a break! You need a break!
अपनी परेशानी उठाकर dustbin में फेंक,
Don't eat it now like a piece of cake,
You need a break! You need a break!"

Raghav heard these words on radio,
while coming back to home from studio.
He stopped the car and note that number,
since tensions are his life's permanent member.

Break from monotonous life,
Break from the nagging wife,
Break from boss's strife,
"बाबूजी ले लो न ये तेज़ knife,"

Requested a young boy in his early teens,
Coming closer to the car's windscreen,
" नशे के लिए ये करते हो?","You don't have father?"
"उनके कारण ही ये हाल है,my dear big brother", 

"He remained busy with work,
ज़िन्दगी उन्हें लगने लगी थी नर्क,
Somebody told him to take a break,
दोसरों की ही सोचेगा,अपने को देख",

Left his work,went for family vacation,
and tried to restore his broken relation,
but when he returned after a month,
in his field he lost his reputable worth,

"किसी ने फिर काम न दिया,
घर,सामान सब बिक गया,
Soon he went into depression,
died,dragging us in this condition",

"Sir!ख़ाली होना ही जीवन की सब से बड़ी सज़ा है,
get involved in life,इसी में ही ज़्यादा मज़ा है,
He purchased knife and throw out that number,
Keep work & wife in balance to be cool as cucumber,

Some wants any kind of work,
पर किसी को नहीं कोई फर्क,
So,do take some short break,
but never put your life on stake.

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  1. Well written Cifar... Include me in the list of people who need a break.

  2. What a nice take on poetry! lovely!


  3. Nice write.Life is dull and monotonous; we need break to refresh our frayed mind and body.

  4. wonderful!! wonderful!! wonderful!! pareshaani uta kar dusbin mei fek!! loved it!

  5. interspersed with the lyrical hindi, quite a different form

  6. It was a nice blend of English and Hindi words...with rhyming monosyllables...good one :)

  7. Nice, the mix of hindi and english was well scripted!

  8. That rhymes good...
    I liked the way you have used Hindi in between...
    and I think you meant left and not "Leaved"

    1. Thank you for reading and pointing out the mistake in it,i have corrected it.

  9. A nice idea of a bi-lingual poem!!...and you have succeeded in conveying an important message!! This was a refreshing break!!

  10. wow wonderfull some lines in hindi due to that char chand lag gye. very well post on break keep writing and keep visiting

  11. Agree with Nanka! Are you setting a trend? ;)

  12. सुन्दर प्रस्तुति
    बधाई स्वीकारे

  13. Interesting mix of languages .. message is indeed good!

  14. Nce fusion of Hindi and English. Very interesting

  15. Fine fusion of English and Hindi. Very interesting

  16. :) that was a fun. You can send it some bollywood director. I am sure they can use it and give it a jingle :)

    All the best for BATOM!


  17. "Sir!ख़ाली होना ही जीवन की सब से बड़ी सज़ा है,
    get involved in life,इसी में ही ज़्यादा मज़ा है,

    totally true... love your post..:):):):):)

  18. Wah...I agree with Mrs Menon---a fine fusion :))


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