Shayari -2


Two couplets by unknown shayars translated by me.

डरा रहा है क्यूँ खंजर दिखा-दिखा के मुझे,
लो सर झुकाता हूँ देखो तो आज़मा के मुझे

Why you are scaring me by showing knife again and again,
Lets test me,I bow my head in front of you ,just begin.

हम आह भी भरते हैं तो हो जाते हैं बदनाम,
वो क़त्ल भी करते हैं तो चर्चा नहीं होती।

We are maligned even when we sigh,
There is no discussions even of murder by thy.


  1. Beautifully translated, loved reading the shayaris.. especially the second one. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Second is my favorite. Good translation.

  3. dard bhari shayari aur itni hi dard bhari pic....mind blowing

  4. Really great dard bhari shayari, and the blog too !

  5. Har dil mein dard chhupa hota hai,
    Bayaan karne ka andaz judaa hota hai,
    Koi ashkon se baha deta hai aur
    Kisi ki hansi mein bhi dard chhupa hota hai.

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