Mastermind Part - 3

The Mastermind Part - 3

Mastermind Part - 2

Victor: Let's begin again from that Mall Road's Shop,because this was the killer's first stop.
Girish: I think you are right Victor, and one team I send behind that taste-tester.

Victor and Girish first went to that shop on Mall Road corner and then investigated employee and chinese joint's owner.Some information they got points towards Rajesh the taste-tester,His involvement in the case is now appears strong and clear.

His history revealed much to their surprise,he was an honest guy having best employee price. But when his tongue was burned with sweet and sour sauce,he was not satisfied with behavior and got angry with his boss.They arrested him and questioned him as a suspect,when police wants truth one has to eject.

Rajesh: Yes,I did this because ss I hate ss this sauce, this is my revenge ss from my boss ss. He can spend ss money for treatment ss of my tongue loss ss, but he remained buss.. ss busy in selling his sweet and sour sauce ss.

His beloved left him after that accident without any goodbye kiss," who wants to marry a guy who speaks with a hiss". His mother also died due to this shock,which made him insensitive like a rock.

Rajesh: By mixing poison, I wanted to defame this sauce and police would suspect my boss. His destruction would be my revenge and for that all this I arrange.

He also told that he burned the tongue of those who helped him to make them aware of the pain which took away his love,his reputation,his mother and made him insane.

Girish: Scoundrel, you killed innocent people just for that tongue burn, now only death penalty with this you will earn.


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