Papa Ka Papa!

पापा का पापा ! ( Father Of Father !)

3rd June 2007,the day when my father left this world. He died of heart attack. Since commencement of #MyRollModel activity I wanted to write for him but due to emotional outburst and teary eyes I dropped the plan each time. I found it very difficult to write about him because of these reasons. Today with #wow prompt I got the opportunity to overcome my emotions and remember him with the way he was by stepping in his shoes. He was full of life making everyone happy with his way of talking,jolly nature and charismatic personality. I always think why he died so early then I console myself and recall how he used to care for his sisters,brother,neighbors,daughters,sons and everybody else. How he took their problems as his heart. The golden heart which stop beating unable to bear everyone's pain.  

He possessed the quality to bring smile to every faces. People used to forget all their worries when he was around.He was witty & humorous a rare quality in today's world.  He used to say that we would know his value when people remember him after his death. This poem will make it clear why he is my role model : 

मैं पापा का पापा होता,
तो उनसा ही सीधा-साधा होता।
Mein papa ka papa hota,
To unsa hi seedha-saadha hota.

औरों की खुशियों की ख़ातिर ख़ुद को भूल जाता,
अच्छे-बुरे की समझ अपने बच्चों को सिखलाता,
रोते चेहरों की वापस मुस्कान मैं भी लौटाता,
अपनी टूटी हिम्मत मैं भी, हौसला सबका बढ़ाता।
Auron ki khushiyon ki khatir khud ko bhool jata,
Achche-bure ki samajh apne bachchon ko sikhlata,
Rote chehron ki vapas muskaan mein lautata,
Apni tuti himmat mein bhi,hausla sabka bhadata.

बच्चों के बाद ही मैं सोता होता, अगर मैं अपना पापा होता।
Bachchon ke baad hi mein sota hota,agar mein apna papa hota . 

बच्चों का थाम हाथ चलना उन्हें सिखाता,
तुतलाती ज़बान की मांग पूरी हर करलाता,
सीना चौड़ा कर उनकी उपलब्धि गिनवाता,
कमज़ोरी को उनकी ताकत में बनवाता,
Bachchon ka tham haath chalna unhe sikhata,
tutlati zabaan ki puri har maang kar lota,
Sina chauta kar unki uplabdhi ginwata,
Kamzori ko unki taakat mein banwata,

धूप में बच्चों की ख़ातिर लाइन लगाए होता, अगर मैं अपना पापा होता।
Dhoop mein bachchon ki khatir line lagaye hota, agar mein apna papa hota . 

बीमारी में उनका हाथ पकड़ सो जाता,
हर तकलीफों में उनके साथ खड़ा हो जाता,
उनके भविष्यों में अपने सपने सजाता,
इरादों की उड़ान में उनकी मैं भी उड़ जाता,
Bimari mein unka haath pakad kar so jata,
Har taklifon mein unke saath khata ho jata,
Unke bhavishya mein apne sapne sajata,
Iradon ki udaan mein unki mein bhi udd jata.

वापस आने तक दरवाज़े पर बैठा होता,अगर मैं अपना पापा होता।
Wapas aane tak darwaze par baitha hota,agar mein apna papa hota .

I am very shy and introvert he used to encourage me in every endeavor of mine. His struggle in life and coming out of it as a winner being raised without father in an orphanage was motivating enough for us. It was his hard work that we are well settled today. That's why I sometimes think :

क्या उनकी सी हिम्मत,वैसा जज़्बा ला पाता?
मुश्किलों में, बीमारी में उनसा क्या हंस पाता?
अनजानों की मदद को भी क्या आगे आ पाता?
अपने मरने पर क्या हज़ारों को रुला जाता?
Kya unki si himmat.waisa jazba la pata?
Mushkilon mein,bimari mein unsa kya has pata?
Anjano ki madad ko bhi kya aage aa pata ?
Apne marne par kya hazaron ko rula pata ?

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  1. Beautiful Cifar..... Main bhi aise hi hoti gar main papa ki papa hoti :)

  2. Fathers are always special,aren't they? And I have nominated you for The Liebster Award Cifar..

  3. A beautiful and heart warming to ur Dad who is an inspiration. Dads are always special. My Dad passed away on June 19, 2007 and ur poem brought me back to those times..I wasn't home and came back to see him one last time.

  4. Hey Cifar, I wrote a tribute to Dad on my other blog and check it out


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