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It Was Just A Dream

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It Was Just A Dream

A politician came, high on fame,
removed corruption ,poverty,rapes,
Opposition lacked any charges on his name,
cheaper are oil,onion,potato and grapes.

then I heard a scream and realized that it was just a dream.

A girl in a dress tight, on lonely road in night,
soon surrounded by so many men,
To help her in reaching home,they started to fight,
she reached home safely without any strain,

then I heard a scream and realized that it was just a dream.

A poor village boy, playing with a toy,
All children of his age studying in school,
Childhood is without burden and full of joy,
they all are happy, healthy and cool,

then I heard a scream and realized that it was a dream.

A small nation is in full elation,
As it is now free,world was free,
there is peace in the world and satisfaction,
World is growing like a family tree,

then again I heard a scream and realized that it was my dream.

Don't bother, if now they are not  reality,
We will succeed, these dreams gives this surety.

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  1. I'm quite glad for that positive couplet at the end, and hope it gets that surety sometime soon :) Nice one, Cifar.

  2. We shall succeed overcoming the evils. A belief is what we need:)

  3. Hope & pray that such dreams become reality.
    Wonderful, Cifar :)

  4. Ah! What a beautiful message, Cifar! When I read the first paragragh, I was wondering who it could be, then realised that it was just a dream. The second and third raised a question in my heart, and the last made me think - will it come true?

    Loved it so much. All the best!

    Someone is Special

  5. Awesome! Too good. I liked how you ended this in a hopeful note. However, every thing mention above are still dreams not reality. That's sad. All the best! :)

  6. Good one cifar! Most of us nurture similar dreams for our country. May the dreams come true!

  7. Beautiful poem Cifar Shayar..what a common man dreams of everyday..very well expressed!

  8. Yea..every word wrote whats burning inside every Indian's heart..
    Your last line reminds me of - Hum Honge Kamiyab...but truely speaking, they sound empty

    Liked it very much...All the best for BATOM :)

  9. I seriously hope you dream come true very soon...
    all the best for BAT
    Dream Vs Nightmare

  10. May all our positive dreams come true.

    Nice one Cifar :)

  11. Wonderful blogpost cifar shayar... loved the way you wrote this with the current scenario of our country...
    ATB for BAT

  12. Lovely, hopefully these dreams turn true soon, and we scream "it's not a dream" :)


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