Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace

Paris, Lahore,Mumbai, Syria or Brussels these terrorists have not left any place on this planet which is out from their terror radar. The world is continuously under threat of violence. They can do everything to destroy humanity by hiding behind the veil of religion and the repercussions of their acts were faced by commoners. In reality those who determine to kill just follow their satanic path without thinking about the faith of their victims. Here I have questioned the power of Allah who is doing nothing to stop the people who are spreading terror on His name. This is not only a prayer but a question mark on the power of almighty. 

Bodies are scattered, smoke is everywhere
in the screams of death you are nowhere,
Ya Allah come and see killings on your name,
innocents are killed to get some fame,

You promised each life is equally important,
then why some maniacs are roaming rampant,
Don't you now hear children's sigh,
their silent prayers their deafening cry.

Humans were your priced possession,
In their ruthless killings what's your intention,
Don't punish us like this for our sins,
You commits that your believers always wins.

Destroy all evils enemy of humanity,
they are Satan worshiper who survive on cruelty,
Wipe our tears,end all sufferings, pain & fears,
stop bloodbaths, so for peace the way get clears.


  1. Sad but true! You've laid it out beautifully!

  2. thank you for this

  3. Sad but true. You've wonderfully portrayed the thought!

  4. Great poem. Of course killings don't only happen in the name of Allah but also in the name of Ram and Jesus and the Buddha. Human beings and their interpretation of spirituality!!!!

  5. Terrorists haven't understood religion. Sad people!


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