Blank Notebook

Blank Notebook

She opened a blank notebook,
notebook to write the truth she knew,
she knew it is tough to write,
write the destiny of her unborn child,
child for whom his husband returned,
returned to live happily again,
again to refresh their marriage vows,
vows of love and togetherness,
togetherness which he never cared,
cared not the pain his beating gave her,
her loneliness increased as he left,
left when she slapped back,
back after six months for child in her womb.

Womb she felt before writing the truth,
the truth that the child was not his,
his hate created a loneliness.
Loneliness filled by that PG she kept,
kept him to have some money support,
support of love she also received,
received from him her pregnancy.

Pregnancy excited him to marry her,
her bad luck he died in an accident,
accident took away all her happiness,
happiness she decided would cherish with that child,
child brought her husband back
back as a changed man,
man who would never accept her cheating
cheating or it was the true love?
love, truth, life? Confused was she!
She closed the notebook
Notebook remained blank.

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  1. Thought-provoking tale, Cifar. Every words carries pain, passion, gloom but of course hope.

  2. Amazing verse. Amazing tale

  3. One cannot deceive oneself beyond a limit. The notebook will not remain blank once the self-confrontation begins. Good poem.

  4. Nice weave of words with thought stirring content

  5. Quite a thought-provoking poem. Loved the theme you wanted to convey!


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