Shayari #17

शायरी #17 (Shayari #17) Couplet 

मज़हब के साथ जब दिल भी बदल गए,
इंसानियत के सारे मायने बदल गए। 
- सिफ़र 
Mazhab Ke Saath Jab Dil Bhi Badal Gaye,
Insaniyat Ke Saare Mayne Badal Gaye.
- Cifar

When hearts changed with the religion,
Meaning of humanity not remain human. 


  1. Well, I believe in global citizenship and humanity being the only true religion.

  2. Mom is a great fan of your shayaris and she would love this one too :)

    1. loved by a poet her self is a great achievement


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