Khayaal Revisited

ख़याल (Thought)

How lover forget himself in love is expressed in this bilingual Ghazal first written on 9th Feb 2012. In need to refresh my earlier Ghazals I am revisiting them again and making changes if possible to beautify them. This endeavor is to introduce my new readers to my previous works. Hope they will like it too.

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जब भी तेरा ख़याल आता है में खुद को भूल जाता हूँ,
तन्हा बैठा-बैठा होले से मुस्कुराता हूँ।
Jab Bhi Tera Khyal Aata Hai Mein Khud Ko Bhool Jata Hun,
Tanha Baitha-Baitha Hole Se Muskurata Hun.

Whenever I think of  you,to myself I forgets
smile slowly in loneliness.

सोचता कुछ हूँ कर कुछ और जाता हूँ ,
न जाने क्या-क्या बातें तुझे बताता हूँ, 
तुझे रूठा समझकर मनाता हूँ,
तुझे सुनकर में झूम जाता हूँ।
सच तेरे ख्याल में खुद को भूल जाता हूँ 
Sochta Kuch Hun Kar Kuch Aur Jaata Hun,
Na Jaane Kya-Kya Baate Tujhe Batata Hun,
Tujhe Rutha Samajhkar Manata Hun,
Tujhe Sunkar Mein Jhoom Jata Hun.
Sach Tere Khayal Mein Khud Ko Bhool Jaata Hun.

I think something but do something else
Various things to you I tells,
I coax you,thinking you are angry,
I overjoyed seeing you,talking freely.
It's true that I forget myself thinking about you.

नहीं पता क्यूँ इतनी चाहत है,
क्यूँ तुझसे इस कदर मोहब्बत है,
सोचता हूँ तुझसे मिलके पूछुंगा,
पर ख्यालों में पूछ जाता हूँ ,खुद को भूल जाता हूँ।
Nahin Pata Kyun Itna Chahata Hun,
Kyun Tujhse Iss Kadar Mohabbat Hai,
Sochta Hun Tujhse Milke Puchunga,
Par Khyalon Mein Pooch Jaata Hun, Khud Ko Bhool Jaata Hun

I don't know why I like you so much,
I don't know how I love you as such,
I think to ask you on meeting,
but ask you,while in your thoughts I was sitting.

तेरी आँखें जो ख्याल में आएं, 
उन्ही में डूब जाता हूँ।
तू सच में है शायद दिल में बडबडाता हूँ।
जब भी तेरा ख़याल आता है में खुद को भूल जाता हूँ।
Tere Aankhen Jo Khyal Mein Aayein,
Unhi Mein Doob Jaata Hun,
Tu Sach Mein Hai Shayad Dil Mein Badbadata Hun.
Jab Bhi Tera Khyal Aata Hai, Mein Khud Ko Bhool Jaata Hun.

When I think about your eyes,
I lost in them and never rise,
I murmur that perhaps you are in my thoughts,
Whenever I think of you to myself I forgets.


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