Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

This poem portrays how a true friend should be and includes the premier post (in this case Prime Minister Narendra Modi) as the most trusted friend. All friends' including him should not betray their friends by not extending help to those who are in fear & threatened. Friendship day is round the corner so I hope this related poem would be loved. Happy Friendship Day.

Friend in need is a friend indeed,
even if world not for their friendship heed,
true friendship is the biggest deed,
from anyone not any proof it need.

Premier post is people's best friend,
not any love he is trying to extend,
for those whose life ended at mob's hand,
for them he is an unforgettable friend.

Friendship is the bond we made by our own,
god's creation are all other relation,
so a friend must not betray a true one,
that pain is curable by none.

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  1. A powerful ode to friendship. It's true friendship that betrays none and stand tall to support friendship. Happy friendship day, Cifar.

  2. Friendship is a rare gift. Genuine friends are treasures. Today, what Oscar Wilde said may be more true, however: "A friend in need is no friend of mine."


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