Just Friends

Just Friends

Since childhood I love her
I don't know why
she also play, study ,roam with me,
with me she laugh & cry.

College separated but not togetherness,
she still for me care,
our parents were happy, sure we will marry,
judged from there stare.

collecting composure called her on terrace,
sit with my knees bend,
purpose her my love, ask for marriage
are we not Just Friend?

astonished I looked, profusely she laughed,
'We are couple.Why?' 
'Our friendship I adore,many memories it store,
Its ruining, don't try?'

How to react is difficult to understand,
sheepishly I smiled,
friendship is first step towards love,
still we have to go miles

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  1. in u.s. our attitudes are so different. it's all so fast wham bam
    thank you ma'am. focus on sex. most of us afraid to love
    or we'll get hurt. chances for happiness zero.

    i enjoyed the heartfelt poetry.

  2. Beautiful verses ... loved the fluidity of words :)


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