Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal

नई दुनिया, नई उम्मीद, नया साल। (Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal) New World, New Hopes, New Year. 

Every new year brings new hope for a better self and a better world. This year also going to end today and here I have penned an eight line bilingual poem for the occasion. Wishing everyone a great, healthy and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year. 

नई दुनिया, नई सुबह, नया पैग़ाम लिखेंगे,
नए इस साल को नई उम्मीदों के नाम लिखेंगे। 
Nayee Duniya, Nayee Subha, Naya Paighaam Likhenge,
Naye Iss Saal Ko Nayee Ummeedon Ke Naam Likhenge.

Lets Pray For Tomorrow, Lets Pray For A Better Future,
Happily Together Where Can Live God's All Creature.

बीते साल के  सारे दर्दों को मिटा देंगे,
गलतियों से सबक लेकर नए इंसान बनेंगे। 
Beete Saal Ke Sare Dardon Ko Mita Denge,
Galtiyon Se Sabak Lekar Naye Insaan Banenge.

Will Prevail Hope From Corner To Corner,
Will Become A Better Listener & A Better Learner.

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  1. Nayi Ummeedein ,naye mauke aapko bhi mubarak ho ! Make the most of it .

  2. I lkke itt whenever people come together and share thoughts.

    Geat blog, stick with it!


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