Eid in Palestine

Eid in Palestine

The world has endless problems some out of mistakes and some out of power yet people decode the every possible way to be happy and satisfied. Palestine is one such place and Palestinians are such people who are trying to remain hopeful when they are surrounded by debris of their houses and having pain of losing their loved ones. They are observing Ramzaan fast in such condition and will join Eid celebrations with the world also. Their spirit and never say die attitude prompted me to write this small poem for Eid dedicated to them. Happy Eid to all. 

Shattered, tattered, with bleak hope,
faith giving them power to cope,
in love, peace, brotherhood has the scope,
to tie the festivities & happiness with one tightrope.

Their spirit is broken but not destroyed,
in small occasions they are satisfied,
Eid is the festival of giving and to fill void,
pray that on a new day, new cheerfulness buoyed. 


  1. Eid is all about forgetting our differences and ushering in new hope to celebrate diversity. My heart goes to the people in Palestine whose lives are shattered by vile people yet believe in hope. Eid Mubarrak!


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