Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye

अब तो मज़हब कोई ऐसा भी चलाया जाए। (Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye)

My Blog has crossed 100 translations of about 50+ poets which I think is a great achievement for a blog which is continuously updating on Ghazals, Kavita, Poems and translation. In this journey I have touched almost every emotion and in covering translations of these poets I have understood their writing style better. The blog will complete 6 years this August 30 and currently it has about 365 posts.

The poem I have translated here is of 'Gopaldas Neeraj' who is famous because he was also a Hindi film lyricist who penned songs like Phoolon Ke Rang Se, O Meri Sharmilee, etc. He passed away on 19th July 2018 at the age of 94 years. His death reminded me of his literary work in both Hindi Kavita and Urdu Ghazal. I am sharing one of his famous ghazal here which fits best in the current scenario of the country.  

अब तो मज़हब कोई ऐसा भी चलाया जाए, 
जिस में इंसान को इंसान बनाया जाए।
Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye,
Jis Me Insaan Ko Insaan Banaya Jaaye.

Now such a religion should be created,
In which humans like humans will be treated.

जिस की ख़ुश्बू से महक जाए पड़ोसी का भी घर, 
फूल इस क़िस्म का हर सम्त खिलाया जाए।
Jis Ki Khushbu Se Mahak Jaaye Padosi Ka Bhi Ghar,
Phool Is Kism Ka Har Samt Khilaya Jaaye.

The fragrance of which to even neighbor's house reached,
such kind of flower in every place should be blossomed.

आग बहती है यहाँ गंगा में झेलम में भी,
कोई बतलाए कहाँ जा के नहाया जाए।
Aag Behti Hai Yahan Ganga Mein Jhelam Mein Bhi,
Koi Batlaye Kahan Jaa Ke Nahaya Jaaye.

Here fire flowed in Ganges as well as Jhelum,
someone tell in which place for bath one should come.

प्यार का ख़ून हुआ क्यूँ ये समझने के लिए, 
हर अँधेरे को उजाले में बुलाया जाए। 
Pyaar Ka Khoon Hua Kyun Ye Samajhne Ke Liye,
Har Andhere Ko Ujale Mein Bulaya Jaaye.

To understand why love has lost its might,
every darkness should be called in the light.

मेरे दुख-दर्द का तुझ पर हो असर कुछ ऐसा, 
मैं रहूँ भूका तो तुझ से भी न खाया जाए। 
Mere Dukh-Dard Ka Tujh Par Ho Asar Kuch Aisa,
Mein Rahoon Bhooka To Tujh Se Bhi Na Khaya Jaaye.

You should be affected in such a way from my pain and agony,
that you should also unable to eat if I remain hungry.

जिस्म दो हो के भी दिल एक हों अपने ऐसे,
मेरा आँसू तेरी पलकों से उठाया जाए। 
Jism Do Ho Ke Bhi Dil Ek Hon Apne Aise,
Mera Aansun Tere Palkon Se Uthaya Jaaye.

Even if in two different bodies our hearts should be one in a way,
my tears should be lifted by your eyelids and not thrown away.

गीत उन्मन है ग़ज़ल चुप है रुबाई है दुखी, 
ऐसे माहौल में 'नीरज' को बुलाया जाए।
Geet Unman Hai Ghazal Chup Hai Rubai Hai Dukhi,
Aise Mahaul Mein 'Neeraj Ko Bulaya Jaaye.

Songs are weak,ghazals are silent, rubai is depressed,

in such a situation 'Neeraj' should be called 

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