Zeehal-e- miskin Makun Taghaful- by Amir Khusrow

ज़िहाल-ऐ-मिस्कीं मकुन तगाफुल - अमीर खुसरो    SJD4REMPJMVM

(Do not overlook my misery- Amir Khusrow)

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The poem is unique in a way that it is written in Persian and Brij Bhasha. In the first verse,the first line is in Persian,the second in Brij Bhasha,the third in Persian again and the fourth in Brij Bhasha. In the remaining verses,the first two lines are in Persian,the last two in Brij Bhasha. The poem showcases Amir Khusrow's mastery over both languages. In this poem,he potrays the longing of a lover for her beloved,her restlessness and how she feels without him.

ज़िहाल-ऐ-मिस्कीं मकुन तगाफुल
दुराये नैना बनाए बतियाँ 
कि ताब-ए-हिजरां नदाराम-ऐ-जान 
न लेहो काहे लगाये छातियाँ।
You don't understand my misery,
by blandishing your eyes and weaving tales.
my sweetheart,I don't have patience now
why don't you take me to your bosom.

शबां-ए-हिजरां दरज़-चूं-ज़ुल्फ़ 
वा रोज़-ए-वस्लत चो-उम्र-कोताह,
सखि पिया को जो मै न देखूं 
तो कैसे काटूं अंधेरी रतियां।
The night of separation are long like tresses,
the day of our union is short like life
how do I spend these long nights
without seeing my beloved.

यकायक अज़ दिल,दो चश्म-ए-जादू 
ब सद फ़रेबम बाबुर्द तस्कीं,
किसे पड़ी है जो जा सुनावे 
पियारे पी को हमारी बतियां।
Suddenly,your attracting eyes makes my heart
to beset by a thousand deceptions and robbed of tranquillity.
But nobody cares about my condition
and to report it to my darling.

चो शमा सोज़ान,चो ज़र्रा हैरान 
हमेशा गिरियां,बे इशक आं मेह।
न नींद नैना,ना अंग चैना 
ना आप आंवें,न भेजें पतियाँ।
Every lamp is aflame,every cell astonished
to see me roam afire with love always
I am restless,my eyes cease to sleep,
but neither he comes,nor he send any message.

कि दाद मारा,ग़रीब खुसरो।
सपेट मन के,वराये राखूं 
जो जाये पांव,पिया के खटियाँ
To honour the day of my union with the beloved
who has lured me so long,O Khusrow,
I shall keep my emotions controlled
when get a chance to be with him.

To understand this poem better you can click here
There is a hindi film song based on this poem which is written by Gulzar.


  1. Nice gazhal--Farsi is not at all easy to understand as urdu is.

  2. Its very rare to see somebody writing about Khusro and zeehale miskeen in his/her blog. Kudos!

    There is a very interesting tale about Amir Khusro. It is said that he was as shrewd a politician as creative a composer. He was also the court-poet of Badshah Allauddin Khilji and enjoyed being his confidant. During that time, Allauddin Khilji was unable to consolidate his empire due to the charismatic influence of the religious reformer Moinuddin Chishti on the masses. So he sent Khusro to appease Chishti. The rest is legendary. Khusro went to meet Chishti in a skeptical mood and came back as his devout follower. All his love songs are supposed to be dedicated to Chishti. The love that he speaks of in his compositions is the Eternal Love of a devout for his Master. Am sure you must have heard about chhaap tilak sab chhini re mose naina milaaike - one of Khusro's famous creation. He was the first to mix colloquial Braj bhasha with the Official Persian language to make the songs more appealing for the commoners may be.

    I give below a link of the song which is a non-filmy creation with the hope that you will like it. Its one of my favourite :



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