As Much Achieved In Love

As Much Achieved In Love

As much in love I have achieved,
That laughed in self destruction not grieved.

My eyes are aware of her disinterest,
Her glimpse I'll get,I still trust.

Openly she passed,she a torturer,
From the way where I sigh,I flutter.

How she will hear any of complaints,
When in her blessings I'm not an inhabitant.

Which don't get traveler to travel,
I am that path,barren,deserted,difficult to ravel.

Which don't shed tears for pain of heart,
I am such an angel brave and smart.

Oh 'Cifar',You are so useless a thing not to worry,
When broke by someone no need to sorry.

Note: English Version of my poem,"Mohabbat Mein Itna Hi Haasil Kiya Hai".


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