Lock Karo,Rock Karo

Lock Karo Rock Karo.

"This is for you", she said,
as I was amazed to see her head.

"You wants to move your fingers in my hairs,
and they remain entangled in groups or in pair",

"they becomes straight and align well when wet,
but as they dry gets haphazardly,randomly set."

"Is this some sort of salon treatment?"I asked.
She refused to reveal her secret and laughed.

"Have you spent a huge sum of money on them?" was my question,
She said that it was the effect of Sunsilk Co-Creation.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight co created by Yuko Yamashita was her answer,
by straight lock technology of its shampoo and conditioner.

"You need not to worry now about my hair strands,
will obey now what your finger from them commands".

As I touched her silky smooth  hair a thought provokes in my brain,
"Girls straight hair lock karo,rock karo " to relief from any tension or pain.

With such hairs you can have any style in trend,
I should tell this also to my other girlfriend.

Note: This post is published for Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo sponsored by Indiblogger


  1. Good one! Like the way you brought the product in the poem. All the very best :)

  2. Wow :-) really very interesting post :-) keep updating your blog :-)


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