The Woman On Platform Number Ten

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The Woman On Platform Number Ten

Still I remember the day when,
I met the woman on platform number 10.

Few years back,in the month of July,
I was at station waiting for my train,
Going to meet a client which on me rely,
It was twenty passed ten,when rain began,

The place was silent except sound of thunders,
Draped in white salwar-kameez with red border,
Came she grabbing attention of me and few vendors,
A mesmerising wet beauty of top order,

She came and sit beside me on bench,
Smiled,greeted and asked my name,
Sweet voice,her style in my heart made a love trench,
Sure was I that she was feeling the same,

First time I don't blame railways for delay.
At around midnight we took something to eat,
and in each other's arms quietly we lay,
A moment no other thing could beat.

But suddenly she stood as train approached and stopped,
Hugged and kissed a man stepped down from the train,
He was her husband! I was still and shocked,
time pass for her was I all emotions were fake and in vain.

Why she did this to me was still a mystery,
Perhaps feeling safe in my company on that deserted place,
Her trust was for me now misery,
Never after that I found her trace,

But it's difficult to forget the day when,
I met the woman on platform number 10.
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  1. Nice composition. The visual effects you create is really good.

    1. Thank you for appreciating my efforts

  2. Nice account, well written. It really can be hard on the person.

  3. Strange things happen in strange places!
    All the Best for BAT!

    Rumya - The Woman on Platform No. 10

  4. What she did was not right.. feeling sad for the person who got cheated by this woman.

    Avada Kedavra - The woman on platform number 10

  5. Life is strange indeed! Well written poem! All the best for BAT!

    First time blogatoner....shreyasi

  6. my sad.....:(a piece o f fiction stranger than truth....or it the other way round! ?!:)

  7. Hard when someone plays with our feelings and emotions. Nice post!

    ATB for BAT!

  8. Human emotions are full of complexities. Strange as it is, I like the way you put it in words. All the best:)

  9. some play a very hard games at us...that leaves us trailing...sad
    ATB for BAT :)


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