Daag Duniya Ne Diye

दाग़ दुनिया ने दिए।(Tainted By The World)- By Kaif Bhopali 

दाग़ दुनिया ने दिए ज़ख्म ज़माने से मिले,
हमको ये तोहफे तुम्हे दोस्त बनाने से मिले।
I am tainted by the world,wounded by the society,
Your friendship has made such gifts my property.

हम तरसते ही तरसते ही तरसते ही रहे,
वो फ़लाने से फ़लाने से फ़लाने से मिले।
We longed and longed and longed regularly,
With someone else and else and else she met purposely.

ख़ुद से मिल जाते तो चाहत का भरम रह जाता,
क्या मिले आप जो लोगो के मिलाने से मिले।
Illusion of love will be there,if met of wish of your own,
What you meet when obliged by other people not known.

कैसे माने उन्हें भूल गया तू ऐ 'कैफ़',
उनके ख़त आज हमें तेरे सिराहने से मिले।
'Kaif',How to consider that you have forgotten her,
Her letters today we found under your pillow cover.

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  1. The world is always cruel; it taints us and wounds to. Very inspiring verse.

  2. Nyc 1 dost.... Keep writing... And really ur translation.. Id very helpfull..frm this i got many new words..thanks


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