If I Was Not Bound

If I Was Not Bound

I too would fly,
in the vast sky,
spanning my wings,
removing all jinx,

Spreading happiness everywhere in profound,
If I was not bound,If I was not bound.

I was without orders,
crossing all the borders,
passing all the shores,
leaving all the chores,

Singing with flock,emitting mesmerizing sound,
If I was not bound,If I was not bound. 


  1. Eloquent and a touch poignant; well written.

  2. I feel like all of us are bound to something in one way or the other right? Nice post!

    1. Yes,we are all bound to different situations

  3. Oh to be free and fly like a bird...

  4. I love the message and reinforcement of the repetition in this beautiful writing. :-)

  5. Very touching... What is interesting is whether those bounds are of our own making... :)


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