Singhasan Khali Karo Ki Janata Aati Hai

सिंघासन ख़ाली करो कि जनता आती है। (Vacate the throne,for people are coming) : Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar'

Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' wrote this poem when India became a republic on 26th January 1956. This poem is about the power of the people. India's population was 33 crore at that time,they were all the witness of an era of slavery. It was the time when the meek people of the land would collectively rule this country. This idea is beautifully woven in this poem. He states that now people have the power to rule themselves.This poem was also used by J.P.Narayan to attract and encourage lakhs of people in Ramlila Maidan,Delhi during emergency. Here I have tried my hand in translating this poem. Happy Republic Day.

सदियों की ठंढी-बुझी राख सुगबुगा उठी,             
मिट्टी सोने का ताज पहन इठलाती है;
दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

Centuries' cold & extinguished fire has ignited,
Wearing crown of gold,soil is swaggering,
Give way,listen to the stridor sound of chariots,
Vacate the throne,for people are coming.

जनता?हां,मिट्टी की अबोध मूरतें वही,
जाडे-पाले की कसक सदा सहनेवाली,
जब अंग-अंग में लगे सांप हो चुस रहे
तब भी न कभी मुंह खोल दर्द कहनेवाली।

Public? Yes,innocent idols of clay,
Those who bears weary of winter-snow,
When snakes are sucking each body part,
Then also remain silent and pain never show.

जनता?हां,लंबी - बडी जीभ की वही कसम,
"जनता,सचमुच ही, बडी वेदना सहती है।"
"सो ठीक,मगर,आखिर,इस पर जनमत क्या है?"
'है प्रश्न गूढ़ जनता इस पर क्या कहती है?"

Public? Yes,same oath of the long-big tongue,
"Public,indeed bears great desolation."
"It's all-right,but what's the public opinion on this?"
" What public has to say on this esoteric question?

मानो,जनता ही फूल जिसे अहसास नहीं,
जब चाहो तभी उतार सजा लो दोनों में;
अथवा कोई दूधमुंही जिसे बहलाने के
जन्तर-मन्तर सीमित हों चार खिलौनों में।

Believe,public to be emotionless flowers,
To decorate in plates anytime when required,
Or to please them like an infant,
All tricks in four toys are confined.

लेकिन होता भूडोल, बवंडर उठते हैं,
जनता जब कोपाकुल हो भृकुटि चढाती है;
दो राह, समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

But earthquakes happens,tornadoes do occur,
When public raises eyebrows and are raging,
Give way,listen to the stridor sound of chariots,
Vacate the throne,for people are coming.

हुंकारों से महलों की नींव उखड़ जाती,
सांसों के बल से ताज हवा में उड़ता है,
जनता की रोके राह,समय में ताव कहां?
वह जिधर चाहती,काल उधर ही मुड़ता है।

Roars crumbles the foundations of palaces,
Crown flies in the air with power of breathing,
Time don't have power to stop public way,
Period turns where they are wanting,

अब्दों, शताब्दियों, सहस्त्राब्द का अंधकार
बीता;गवाक्ष अंबर के दहके जाते हैं;
यह और नहीं कोई,जनता के स्वप्न अजय
चीरते तिमिर का वक्ष उमड़ते जाते हैं।

Blackout of years,centuries and millenniums
elapsed,windows of sky are fuming,
They are none other than people's invincible dreams,
Rupturing darkness thoracic are overflowing.

सब से विराट जनतंत्र जगत का आ पहुंचा,
तैंतीस कोटि-हित सिंहासन तय करो
अभिषेक आज राजा का नहीं,प्रजा का है,
तैंतीस कोटि जनता के सिर पर मुकुट धरो।

The largest democracy of the world has arrived,
Decide the throne for the interest of thirty-three crore people,
Today is the anointment of public and not the king,
Put the crown on the heads of thirty-three crore people.

आरती लिये तू किसे ढूंढता है मूरख,
मन्दिरों, राजप्रासादों में, तहखानों में?
देवता कहीं सड़कों पर गिट्टी तोड़ रहे,
देवता मिलेंगे खेतों में, खलिहानों में।

O! Fool! Whom you are searching to worship,
In temples,catacombs and royal offering,
Gods are breaking stones on roads,
See gods in fields,barns doing farming.

फावड़े और हल राजदण्ड बनने को हैं,
धूसरता सोने से श्रृंगार सजाती है;
दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

Shovel and plow are ready to be scepter,
Mousiness with gold is adorning,
Give way,listen to the stridor sound of chariots,
Vacate the throne,for people are coming.

We still see common people,farmers poor are suffering at each stage of their life. It means we are still away from being a real republic where power resides in public hands. Lets pray this republic day to be a better republic nation in the coming future.


  1. Dear cider shyar I read your translation. It is indeed a nice effort on your part. However there is one important element which is skipped that is the time. So it need to be chariot of time rather than just chariot. Its just a suggestion

    1. Thanks for appreciated my efforts. You are right that it should be chariot of time but I have maintained the rhyming scheme 'abab' it sometimes happens during translations.

    2. True I appreciate that you took advice in good spirit and yes rhyming is also important element in poetry ....

    3. The rhyming scheme is not abab, it is abcb

  2. thankyou so much for this translation. keep up the good work... it is times like these that we need to turn the pages of history and find more such pearls to keep the morale high

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love what you guys are usually up too. This type of
    clever work and exposure! Keep up the good works guys I've added you
    guys to blogroll.


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