Letter Of Apology

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Letter Of Apology

I am sorry my friend,I am sorry my friend,
You cried in my presence, this is my end.

Friendship I breached for finding some gain,
By demanding love I gave you pain,
childhood buddies,we are buddies for life,
forgive me and end this strife.

We make this bond, all others are by stars,
only this remain true and all  may farce.
We share grief,we share fun,
for secrets we can't trust anyone.

I am on my knees,folding my hands,
give me apology and tie that friendship band.
Where there is love, there are such tiffs,
Don't enlarge such small miffs.

She came to him hearing his plea of forgiveness. They hug each other forgetting their misunderstanding.

To share,to love,to enjoy,to cry,to err, to mend,
Lucky are those whom god bestow a good friend.

Happy Friendship Day. May god give a good friend to everyone.
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  1. Touching poem, Cifar. Happy Friendship Day:)

  2. The poem is beautiful, Cifar. You've published this on friendship day, and conveyed a nice message to us all. And you've successfully executed the theme as well :) All the best for BAT :)

  3. ''For secrets we can't trust to anyone''. I agree.
    Beautiful poem. Happy Friendship Day :)

  4. Such a nice poem. Fitting for Friendship day!
    Good Luck for BAT48!
    My Entry for BAT48

  5. Years back I was in the same situation but didn't know how to say sorry. May be your poem would have helped then :-)
    Nice poem. ATB for BAT.

  6. Beautiful poem...There is certainly that one friend in everyone's life who deserves this apology...

  7. Touching words... Happy Friendship Day (A little belated, but still...)

  8. nice! anything for a good friendship....!


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