Flowers of Wisdom

Flowers of Wisdom ( God versus Human)

God's relation with human is unique. We asked him for help, for things and for his blessings and HE demands nothing. But again when we are in problem we blame him for everything. Is he really responsible for our sufferings or we have created these problems ourselves. These conversation between a human being and god tries to solve this mystery. Notice that even in this heated debate they are exchanging flowers of wisdom with each other.( each stanza resembles a flower)

Human To God:

We all repent, so you could relent,
For our sins to minimize, we often apologize.
But I don't understand your policy
You never owe an apology.

For thousands died in cloud bursts,
For hundreds killed by land slides,
For children dying in wars,
For violence of at par,
For poverty,

God: wait,wait,wait.

God To Human:

Just think twice,before asking me to apologize.
You come to me not for love but fear,fear for your near and dear,
I haven't make this world for exhibition,
But to rear by loved creation.

For whom these trees and mountains stand,
For whom ponds and rivers flow,
For whom this land spreads,
For whom flowers bloom,
For whom fruits ripe,
For whom,

Human To God: 

If all things are for us then why this fuss,
Why this given land is the reason for disband?
During difficult times you never intervene,
 message of humanity you never convene,

You are responsible for floods and droughts
You are responsible for disputes and riots,
You make people corrupt and bad,
You infuse hatred and wrath,
You make people cry,
You only give,

God To Human:

That's inducing laugh, it feels to cut you half,
If I wants you to extinct then why this world I built.
Humans are for peace & humanity,
Not to spread injustice and cruelty.

You have marked boundaries on this land not I,
You build dams,cut trees,drill mountains not I,
You distributed me in different religion,
You invented weapons and explosives,
You make money with diseases,
You killed each other,
Your greed,


When god showed him the mirror he became silent and went into the mood of introspect. This introspection is necessary for the humanity in today's time. I hope we all will think about it. 


  1. Is writing poems in unusual way your talent or you do it as a mere coincidence ? :P
    its cool ! :)

    1. I try to write each poem differently which make them unusual sometimes, I am glad you found it cool

  2. Really Cifar great experiment ... with emotions intact and the meaning so deep.. Great impact !

  3. That's thought provoking and if God and humans had to talk, it would be in this language. Mind-blowing:)

  4. Spot on. Brilliant and awesome. That's the language, the emotions and passion:)


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