Earth Is Calling

Earth Is Calling

We are blessed to inhabit this beautiful planet called Earth. Our mother earth have properly cared for each and every children of her by maintaining a balance between them and helping them to thrive in each other's presence but like a spoiled child we have ruined the family, damaged its members and broke the balance of this big family. The mother hurts the most when family breaks and similar thing is happening to mother Earth, she is hurt, wounded and calling us to heal her wounds. Since we are responsible for her condition only we can bring change in it. We so called intelligent species of this planet need to use our intellect for its betterment.

When even a leaf fell down and comes to me,
I embrace it, helps it to regenerate again into tree, 
You cut a tree a son of my soil,
clears the forest with earnest toil,
making me barren letting me doomed 
I am calling to heal my wound.

A river swiftly flows moisten my skin,
Quenching your thirst washing your sin,
By dumping waste in her and shrinking her shore,
You are giving her diseases impossible to cure,
Worshiping making her happy? I guess you have assumed,
We are calling to heal our wound.

A gentle breeze, here only for your ease,
supports life on me for an unending lease,
Coughing and wheezing herself for fuel you fumes,
causing acid rain polluting food you consumes,
Help me! So healthy life I resumed,
I am calling to heal my wound. 

With every puff of fume, with every tree falling,
With every polluted river, with every mountain drilling,
With cries of flora-fauna, with drastic climate changing,
She is wounded and calling.
Yes, Earth is calling to heal her wounds.

Studio NH 47's video ' Earth Is Calling'

This post is written in response Earth Is Calling by Green Yatra and

Note: This is 200th post on my blog and I dedicate it to Mother Earth. 


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