Raju's Chocolate

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Raju's Chocolate

Rajan alias Raju was happy that day,
when doctor said,' you may eat chocolate today'
Chocolate for which he always craved,
Chocolate in diabetes he unable to taste,

Permitted for one chocolate for his 7th birthday,
He reached the shop finding difficulty to be away,
Saw a boy staring from other side of the road,
A ragpicker whose eyes he could decode,

His eyes like him were gloomy without chocolate,
He crossed the road and went to him straight,
He split it into half and shared with him,
His desire was more than his whim,

He decided to give him a chocolate daily,
Boy's satisfaction would pacify his belly,
His life with a chocolate wouldn't change,
But with his pocket money only that much he could arrange.

'Baatne Se Karar Sabko Aane Lage
To Ye Duniya Badaljane Lage'

If sharing started giving satisfaction,
The world will begin a transformation.

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  1. Sharing is a good habit. It gives happiness for them and satisfaction for us. Beautiful write-up. All the best for BAT!


  2. Good boy Raju is! Understand his feelings well.

  3. Raju and his chocolate. Loved it so much, Cifar. Keep writing for BAT! All the best!

    Someone is Special - Life is a Chocolate

  4. It made me sad at 5th line, but you brought the smile back in 11th...Absolutely loved it.. :)

  5. Sharing is good. All the best for BAT


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