Love : The Ultimate Destination

Love : The Ultimate Destination

According to me each day is the day of love. Whatever you do from your heart is an act of love an act for which you never feels bad and which never hurts anyone. Today, however is the official day of love i.e Valentine's Day the birthday of Saint Valentine who used to love children and give them food,clothes, sweets and toys. This day is now related more with romance than with its appeal of universal harmony and love. I wish you a happy Valentine's day with this poem.

We all run for those things which have short or limited shelf life like money,power and property, all materialistic things which have an end. This poem is about that thing which keep you alive even after death. 

It decreases with distribution.
No returns from any contribution.

Its grip loses with age and time,
receives backbiting without spending a dime.

Other have share in these possessions,
Depreciated in each period of recession. 

Which increases with distribution,
You will get more in each contribution,
timeless, ageless and your own,
give remembrance when you are gone,
your survival kit in recession,
Love is the ultimate destination.
The power which always survive,
after death in memories which keep you alive. 


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