Shayari #11 : Zubair Rizvi

शायरी : 11 (Couplets) - Zubair Rizvi

Zubair Rizvi died on 21st February 2016, with his death Urdu shayari lost his yet another appraiser. My elder brother, my sisters and I all knew his 'Yeh Hai Mera Hindustan, Mere Sapno Ka Jahan Isse Pyaar Mujhko' by heart because every time there was a school function where we have to sing patriotic songs our father taught us this ghazal at different times to all of us. We all learned it without knowing that it was written by Zubair Rizvi. Unknowingly I am attached to his works from my childhood and now when I have read his other works I started understanding and loving his works more. He will remain the first person whose ghazal I remembered by heart from my childhood. Rest In Peace! Sir your work will never let us forget you. Here I am presenting some of his shers (couplets) translated by me as a tribute to him.

अपनी पहचान के सब रंग मिटा दो न कहीं,
ख़ुद को इतना ग़म-ऐ-जानाँ से शनासा न करो। 
Apni Pehchaan Ke Sab Rang Mita Do Na Kahin,
Khud Ko Itna Gham-e-Jana Se Shanasa Na Karo

Lest you erase all color of your identity,
Do not acquaint yourself in beloved's calamity.


जला है दिल या कोई घर ये देखना लोगो,
हवाएँ फ़िरती हैं चारों तरफ दुआं लेकर। 
Jala Hai Dil Ya Koi Ghar Ye Dekhna Logo,
Hawain Phirti Hain Charon Taraf Dhuan Lekar.

It's a heart burnt or a house we must see,
with smoke all around winds are roaming free.


पुराने लोग दरियाओं में नेकी डाल आते थे,
हमारे दौर के इंसान नेकी कर के चीखेंगे। 
Purane Log Dariyaon Mein Neki Daal Aate The,
Hamare Daur Ke Insaan Neki Kar Ke Cheekhenge.

Earlier people used to put good deeds in rivers,
People of our times scream loud their humble endeavors.


  1. Powerful words by the Shayar and tribute by the Shayar:)

  2. Beautiful couplets. May he rest in peace!

  3. Hamein zakhmon ko aankhon se dhoondhna nahi aata,
    Mil jaye jo khushi to use khona nahi aata,
    Seh lete hain har gham muskuraa kar hum,
    Aur log kehte hain hamein rona nahi aata :(

  4. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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