An innocent man, hundreds of ardent devotees, hard working labors & passerby, a woman biker and many who descend into wells for water; they all are connected through accidents. Delhi Mercedes road accident, Kollam Temple Fire, Kolkata Flyover Tragedy, Veenu Paaniwal accident and Marathwada water scarcity, these incidents have killed or injured many people in last two to three weeks. Through this poem I have tried to highlight the reasons behind these and many other incidents that happen in our country.

When money and power overcome humanity,
breaking rules of law become your only duty.
What happens is an accident.
An innocent mowed under car.

When officials' warnings ignored with political backing,
Place of God turned to place of joy and earning,
What happens is an accident.
A fire spreading near and far.

When project delayed for lack of political will,
safety compromised for increasing construction bill,
What happens is an accident.
Overpass falling faster than star.

When directionless development deplete water table,
Government apathy increase the problem level,
What happens is an accident.
Drinking water giving scar.


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