Pratyusha Banerjee 'The Balika Vadhu' girl committed suicide in her home on Sunday 3rd April 2016. It is not the first time that a person associated with glamour industry succumbed to life's pressure. Jia Khan, Nafisa Joseph, Silk Smita, Guru Dutt and many more preferred death over life. How and why someone decides to end his/her life? What instigate someone to leave this beautiful world? I don't have answers to these questions but some observations which I have shared in this Ten Liner. Rest in Peace Pratyusha Banerjee. 

Big city attracts, binds you in its glitz & glamour,
emptiness lurking inside from outside world's clamor.

Making and Breaking relationships is part of the job,
To take it seriously is like to self rob.

Small age big successes is every body's dream,
Sustaining it is churning life like milk for cream.

When void becomes wide all ends seem apart,
Instead of leaving situation you decided to depart.

Suicide is one time death for the deceased,
family & friends die every moment life proceed.


  1. sad, thank you for this

  2. This was a really sad case ya! :'(

  3. Abigail Van B. said that suicide is a permanent solution of a temporary problem.

  4. That world of glitz and glamour is too dangerous for those who are not tough.


  5. I believe family is the one who is responsible.
    Their pressure on children, whether for best score in exams or giving advice to the daughters "Endure the pain, maybe things will get better in the future," when her in laws torture her; many parents wants a glamorous life and so they force their little kids into the film/tv industry or even other competitions. And when people try to tell them how wrong it all is, these parents tell them about how talented their children are.

    If anyone's child studies in hostel, lives away from home for a job or is struggling to get settled in his/her life, then do not put any unnecessary pressure on them and stay in touch with them.


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