Cry For Me O Africa

Cry For Me O Africa

Racism is bad and it's even worst if it is practiced in India which has the first hand experience of sufferings of such abuse. There are incidents of racial attacks in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi. Recently Masunda Kitada Oliver, an African post-graduate student of Congolese origin was beaten to death in Delhi last Friday night. Samuel Panyin Yalley, High Commissioner of Ghana to India penned a poem for him on Africa Day. I read it today in The Indian Express but got only first and last verse to share here. It has that pain which one feels for getting distinguished for his color, I have also wrote few lines inspired by it. 

first verse : 

“Hear My Cry Oh! Africa
Deep in an unknown chilled cage I lie
Frozen with ice of pain and stained by
My hot African blood suddenly gone cold
Someone must tell me…what did I do wrong?”

last verse: 

"Never let the blood I shed be in vain. 
Never let my name and pain be forgotten;
 in this strange land of incredible magic and charms…
Let the great rivers of Africa, the Nile, the Great Congo, The Tangayika the Volta,
Receive my blood from the Ganges.”

Cry For Me World

Cry for me world since humanity was killed,
the thoughts of brotherhood,one world belittled,
step towards peace has brutally crushed,
when in broad day light to me they thrashed. 

I was gone but you have a chance,
to beautify this world with love and romance,
keep aside hatred,disgust and anger,
these thing possesses humanity a danger 

RIP Masunda Kitada Oliver, sorry this happen to you in Delhi,India. 


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post

  2. Hatred, disgust and anger could never be the attributes of humans

  3. What a wonderful poetry out of the catastrophe!


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