Heat Wave

Heat Wave

In spite of controlling almost all things in the world there are something we can't control like the climate. It is also true that we have altered it for the worse but only almighty can change the things again. It's a prayer to call him to give us some relief from the heat waves in this part of the world.(North India)

You can fry an omelette such is the intensity of heat wave, 
O god from this furnace like heat you can only save.

The lands have became barren, taps are running dry,
farmers committing suicide at least hear their family's cry,

Monsoon is the only relief from this scorching summer heat,
bring some early round of rains to beat that heat.

Ac's, coolers are luxuries, where will the poor go?
some cool waves of air they enjoy as fall of snow.

Listen to them the deprived, the sick, children and the poor,
In your land give them respite with some monsoon shower.


  1. Thank you. Appreciate this

  2. Such heat scares the day lights out of me! Sigh..
    Take care

  3. in that intense heat, your words made me feel refreshing.
    Well done.. :)

  4. This summer the sun becomes more hot, scorching us like anything


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