Mein Jise Odhta - Bichata Hun

में जिसे ओढ़ता - बिछाता हूँ। (Mein Jise Odhta - Bichata Hun) - The One With Which I Am Frequent With - Dushyant Kumar

Dushyant Kumar is most popular for his sher 'Ho Kahin Bhi Aag Lekin Aag Jalni Chahiye' . This ghazal 'Mein Jise Odhta-Bichata Hun' is a romantic one where poet is describing his love. Third couplet is used as a song in the recent released movie 'Masaan'. Poet describes this poem as his favorite one. He said that he forgets everything in his eyes and shivers when she passes across him. He said that people don't let him come out to express his love but his efforts have increased even more after closing of one door. He feels more closer to her in his attempt to forget her and in the end he said that he was an angel who would carry on with the relationship even though she didn't want it to continue. Here I have translated it for better understanding.

मैं जिसे ओढ़ता-बिछाता हूँ,
वो ग़ज़ल आपको सुनाता हूँ। 
Mein Jise Odhta - Bichata Hun,
Wo Ghazal Aapko Sunata Hun.

The one with which I am frequent with,
that ghazal (poetry) I will make you acquaint with.

एक जंगल है तेरी आँखों में,
मैं जहाँ राह भूल जाता हूँ। 
Ek Jungle Hai Teri Aankhon Mein,
Mein Jahan Raah Bhool Jata Hun.

There is a forest in your eyes,
where I forget my path

तू किसी रेल-सी गुज़रती है,
मैं किसी पुल-सा थरथराता हूँ। 
Tu Kisi Rail Si Guzarti Hai,
Mein Kisi Pul Sa Thartharata Hun.

You pass like a train,
I shiver like a bridge.

हर तरफ़ ऐतराज़ होता है,
मैं अगर रौशनी में आता हूँ। 
Har Taraf Aitraaz Hota Hai,
Mein Agar Roshni Mein Aata Hun.

Everywhere there are objections,
If I comes in the light.

एक बाज़ू उखड़ गया जबसे,
और ज़्यादा वज़न उठाता हूँ। 
Ek Bazu Ukhad Gaya Jab Se,
Aur Zyada Wazan Uthata Hun.

Since I have lost an arm,
I lift even more weight.

मैं तुझे भूलने की कोशिश में,
आज कितने क़रीब पाता हूँ। 
Mein Tujhe Bhoolne Ki Koshish Mein,
Aaj Kitne Kareeb Pata Hun.

In my attempt to forget you,
I comes more closer to you.

कौन ये फ़ासला निभाएगा,
मैं फ़रिश्ता हूँ सच बताता हूँ। 
Kaun Ye Fasla Nibhayega,
Mein Farishta Hun Sach Batata Hun.

Who would carry on with these distances,
I am an angel who speaks the truth. 

Here is the video of the song from Masaan inspired by this ghazal 


  1. A female singer has sung this gazal beautifully by Minoo Purshottam.
    Here is the link

  2. Enjoyable post, thank you for sharing these

  3. Have you heard this gazal sung by Minoo Purshottam?

  4. very good

  5. Hello, this is an interesting post.
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  6. It couldn't have been more relevant to an innocent pining like the one shown in Masaan. The movie shook me as did the poetry.

  7. Dushyant Kumar sahib is one of the greatest shayars of our times!
    Beautiful gazal..thank you:)

  8. Behad khoobsurat ghazal! And the shayari is amazing too!


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