A Story Yet Unwritten

A Story Yet Unwritten

As a human being each one of us is capable of telling a story but many of us didn't know the correct way to express it so some tales becomes private for our own hearts only. Sometimes it is better they remain that way with the person who have written it in his/her heart for the pain engulfed in it. Such stories are unwritten yet complete for his/her. This poem is reflecting that love story of an untold love.

Your glance has such an effect,
nomadic I became,
Like a story yet unwritten you connect,
difficult to overcome.

Despite having a clear view
of our lives together,
Still standing in queue
is my first love letter.

How to organize chapters of my life
and fill it with your presence,
What role you deserve? Friend, beloved or wife,
depends my life's essence.

Stuck in between from your silence,
the tale of our love,
Unable to gather my senses,
I am failing in love.

Words jumbled the day you left,
inked in heart forever,
Sweet little memories to bereft
yearning for you forever.

When pain increases you come again,
rewriting the incomplete fate.
Like a story yet unwritten to sustain
and make life complete. 

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  1. It's beautiful and painful at the same time. Love can change our souls forever where unexpressed words torment us.

  2. Lovely, yet painful. Appreciate this

  3. Nice composition. Hearts always cherish the stories it dont want to reveal

  4. Such a heartwarming composition. Brimming with love & poignant emotions!

  5. Wonderful piece, and what you've mentioned is true too!


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