Haiku - Demonetization

Haiku - Demonetization 

These set of Haiku will give you a glimpse of the situation around. Although it is a good move but neither the banks nor the government were prepared for its smooth execution. ATMs not calibrated in advance, no working on farmers condition who need to sow new crops, markets are deserted in the peak marriage season, etc are some of the problems neglected by the government. This has again divided the country and the society as the followers of Modi ji and government again finding all those anti-national which are highlighting the shortcomings of the Demonetization issue. 

Cashless in bank queues,
nation halted suddenly
haste has made us waste.


My hard earned money,
turned to paper in a night
craving for respite. 


Rich not in the line, 
devised unique methods these 
hoarders feeling fine 


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What is your idea/reaction/experience about the recent demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Currency notes? Do you welcome it? Will it ensure development? Will it reduce corruption and Black Money?


  1. The demonetisation can well trigger a recession, while not entirely addressing the black economy. This will affect only those individuals who hold cash. Others who have already converted their money into assets, and invested in gold and other luxury items will be only marginally affected. This demonetisation is not likely to impact the structure, level and incidence of corruption in India. Often the proceeds of corrupt bureaucrats and politicians never arrive in India; they are handled off shores. They will now be only too happy to have Rs 2000 notes at their disposal.

  2. Good versification of the current crises.

  3. I have heard this happened. Has there been any accommodation for people to turn in the notes for other denominations? Are people just out of luck? If so, it is certainly a shame.


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