International Women's Day

International Women's Day

A man is nothing without a woman in his life still women struggles to get her desired position in life because men consider himself a better sex. Let's create a world where women is not placed as equal but ahead of men. Happy Women's Day a poem dedicated to all women. 

You are the start you are the end and anything in between,
without you world is deprived of its present sheen,

You hold us, you support us, you lead us,
you make us, you break us, you feed us.

Disheartening you need a day to world know your importance,
without you when half population clueless about their significance.

'As you Wish' when world would let you stay,
then not 8th March but every day will be a women's day.


  1. Nice tribute for this day

  2. Happy Women's Day. A powerful poem on women.


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